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Woman Burns Down Home After Losing It In Divorce Settlement And Damages 20 Other Houses In The Process — Video

A woman in Georgia has been charged with 14 counts of first-degree arson after she set her home on fire after she lost it in her divorce. She ended up causing damage to 20 other homes in the neighborhood.

Adrienne Satterly, 41, reportedly set fire to a pile of mattresses in the kitchen of the home, before leaving the Rosemont Court residence with her two cats.

The fire destroyed four homes, two suffered significant damage and 14 other homes suffered varying degrees of heat and smoke damage. 

Satterly walked to a Walmart an hour away before calling 911 at about 3:25 am on Sunday.

In the 911 audio, Satterly never even mentioned a fire. She simply told a dispatcher that she had a "kitty cat and a suitcase" and wanted to know if someone could pick her up from Walmart.

Satterly states in the 911 call, "I’m at the Wal-Mart over in Hiram...and I have me and my kitty cat and my suitcase and I was wondering if I could get transported."

The 911 operator asks, "Where do you need to go?"

Satterly replied, "To Graystone by the hospital 67 Rosemont Court Island, Georgia. I have a suitcase, and I was awarded to leave the house..."

Satterly provided her address to the Rosemont Court home but told the dispatcher that she had been ordered to leave the residence due to a case.

It is not known if the police picked Satterly up from Walmart. 

Firefighters responded to the fire in Satterly's neighborhood of Hiram, but the blaze had spread from Satterly's home to 19 other houses nearby.

Deputy Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner Jay Florence stated that the fire spread quickly due to the high wind on Sunday.

Florence stated, "This suspect committed a heinous act that threatened the lives of her neighbors and our first responders. I commend the efforts of the fire investigators and detectives who worked on this case."

The damage is the homes in the fire is estimated to be over $1 million, according to officials.

Thankfully, Satterly's neighbors were able to get out of their homes safely. However, some pets were not quite as lucky.

A cat and two dogs from two neighboring homes perished in the blaze. 

Neighbor Auzalea Godfrey said, "I lost my two dogs, which is the hardest thing because material things can be replaced, but my dogs is my -- that breaks my heart."

Satterly has been charged with 14 counts of first-degree arson and three counts of aggravated animal cruelty.

She remained behind bars on Tuesday in Paulding County, where she is being held without bond.

First-degree arson is a felony with a penalty of one to 20 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $50,000. 

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