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Tyrese Will Be Mad (Again) After Seeing Who's Teaming Up With The Rock For His ‘Fast & Furious’ Spin-Off

Someone go check on Tyrese. Sidenote; is it okay to laugh at Tyrese again? He seems to be doing much better these days!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson's Fast and Furious spinoff is being put together right this very second. In fact, the highly- anticipated film has recently cast an A-list Hollywood talent to star as its main villain.

And, um, we are really into this choice. 

Variety says Idris Elba is in final negotiations to fill the role in the movie, which is titled Hobbs and Shaw. The character is described as the antagonist the duo will have to face.

Details on the movie are a bit scarce at the moment, but it is known that Deadpool 2 director David Leitch is on board, while Dwayne and Jason Statham are set to reprise their roles. 


Wondering why we mentioned Tyrese’s name? Fair enough. 

He previously blasted The Rock, saying the former wrestler must have "lost his number" and that no one wanted to see him in a "Fast & Furious" movie by himself. Tyrese wrote, "the real selfish #Candy[Expletive] revealed and why you on twitter...???? You lost my number right? I'm at you when I see you #Family”.

He also hopped into the comment section of snap of Dwayne’s, ranting, “you still promoting a movie that no one wants to see made you clown... […] He's on twitter and won't hit my cell @TheRock this is the people's champ? #ShawHobbsEpicFailure you came here to break up the fast family." 

Ty had already taken to Instagram to criticize his co-star for allegedly causing the "F9" release date to be moved to 2020. It was originally scheduled for release in April of 2019, but this was pushed back. 

He penned, "#PSA. "Congratulations to @TheRock and your brother in law aka 7 bucks producing partner @hhgarcia41 for making the fast and the furious franchise about YOU - And like you, DJ even if they call I will not be deleting this post […] Gn folks see you in 2020 April #FastFamily right? Nah..... it's about #TeamDewayne #3yrs will it be worth the wait? #NoShaw just Hobbs will this be another #BayWatch? Guys guys just relax I'm just a passionate film critic."

At the time, Vin Diesel had chimed in on Instagram, explaining, "...I know there has been a lot of speculation as to why the Fast 9 release date was pushed...but it would be unfair to say it is anyone's fault. As we plot the course to expand the Fast & Furious universe, one must be mindful to take stock of the roads we took to get here. The pillars of authenticity, family, and most importantly, our loyal fan's perspective has been instrumental in procuring success."

Pretty sure Tyrese won't be happy about this new development for The Rock's spin-off though...

Hobbs and Shaw is set to hit theaters on July 26, 2019.

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