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Official: NBA Baller Draymond Green Confirms Relationship With ‘Basketball Wives’ Star — Video

From the looks of things, former “Basketball Wives” season 6 cast member Hazel Renee seems to have had an easy time moving on.

In fact, she is dating a NBA all-star who is now playing in the NBA Finals. Their relationship got off to bumpy start, as he called it quits with his long-time partner/baby mama to be with her. Oh and the rumors about this kicked up after his then-girlfriend gave birth to their child.

Well, things seem fine now, as Hazel was spotted publicly spending time with Draymond and his son after the game. Hazel seems to have been doting on the adorable boy at game 7 of the Western Conference Finals too. With matching shirts and everything!

After Golden State won (sending them to the NBA Finals), the pair joined up with Draymond to celebrate the win! 

Take a peek.

Looks like the rumors were true after all! Last year it was reported that Draymond Green left the mother of his child Jelissa Hardy for Basketball Wives Star Hazel Renee.

Okay, that is pretty adorable!

It’s unclear how long Draymond and Hazel have been dating, but the reality star’s clearly smitten with her NBA Bae.

Well, here we go....Although I legit want to fight you at times! All you see is me! Your genuine care and concern for others is what makes you who you are! I am so happy to have grown to this space with you. I appreciate your immense dedication to changing Elsa❄️! Here’s to you always working hard towards becoming the best YOU possible, making time for the things that matter and many more Blessings! I hope you had the most Amazing-ness BirthDay EVER @money23green 😊! #TuningOutNoise 🙉 #WeHereNow 💅🏼 #GodsPlan 🙏🏼 @beanzz16 said go video on em #MSU

Hazel was previously seen traveling with the Golden State Warriors on their pre-season trip to China last fall. Yup. A full season has passed and they are still going strong.

Since we are (sort of) talking about "Basketball Wives," may we all address that social media messiness that went on the other day?

Because we are going to anyway, so…

Evelyn Lozada, Tami Roman and Jackie Christie don't always get along. Clearly.

And Evelyn recently jumped onto Twitter to toss shade at her cast-mates, following the latest episode of the show. She isn't happy about Tami taking Jackie's side in regards to the GoFundMe saga; Tami kind of hinted that Evelyn only donated money to Jackie's grandchild for media attention and that she only did so after the child’s mother, Ta’Kari, had already reached her goal.

Evelyn quickly called Tami out, tweeting, "I was fine until the reunion! She sat up there and lied about the timeline."

During her confessional, Tami stated Evelyn should have been well aware that she could have addressed any issues with her. But Evelyn insists this is a big lie.

Evelyn also wrote, "LIES!!!!!!!!! Call you?!!!!! You sat up there and tried to play me."

She then went on to address Tami’s previous comments about Evelyn sleeping with her ex-husband Kenny Anderson while they were still married. 

However, as Evelyn pointed out, "She filed in 98 I messed with dude in 1999 #TryAgain."

One fan questioned why Jackie was so upset that Evelyn had donated to Ta'Kari's fund. "LOL! Let me know when u find out," Evelyn responded.

“Basketball Wives” Season 7 airs Mondays at 9 / 8 PM CST on VH1.

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