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Drake Finally Breaks His Silence To Address Pusha T Beef & Rumors Of Secret Son In Revealing New Interview

Honestly, we aren’t really sure if we believe that Drake’s decision to not respond to Pusha T the second time around was tied to others in the industry telling him to drop it. Maybe he was actually out of his element?

Anyway, Drizzy has finally decided to address the circus surrounding Pusha T…and the rumors that he has a son named Adonis with Sophie Brussaux.

He chatted it up with DJ Akademiks for an interview to promote his upcoming album Scorpion, which is due out next week on June 29th. Obviously, he was asked to spill his thoughts on Pusha T’s diss track “The Story of Adidon”, which alleged that Drake had a secret baby with an adult film star and that he was going to roll out this news to promote his Adidas line. 

“I’m one prideful [dude], I love competition, I’m always here for it, and I’m not ever running from [ish] […] But for you as an outsider to this situation, you won’t get it, and fans won’t get it because at times [ish] goes beyond just music.”

Drake was pressed why he ended up not dropping another song, after Pusha exposed his private life. 

Hm. The hip-hop star said he feared the fight “would have gone to a point of no return,” and the lyrics he was writing took him to “a very dark place.”

When asked if he will address the claims, he stated: “It will all make sense if it doesn’t make sense to you right now.”

He then said, “June 29th, there is music there. You will understand when my project comes out.”

The reaction to this was interesting.

One former fan chimed in, noting, “Your career is hella tarnished lol you taking a L streak now, this is just one of the things that are going down in history book boiii.”

A supporter wrote: “Ignore Pusha T, you are such an inspiration to the culture and definitely for the youth I would love to be able to run a project across to you that would be life-changing for the city of Detroit. We need more young philanthropy amongst our people, and I salute what you do bro.”

Another stated: “Does anyone think Drake knew this baby situation was going to hit public and so maybe that’s why he produced the God’s plan video a few months ago… with the goal of making the world believe he’s such an angel before ish really hits the fan and his secret is fully out?!?! I may be over analyzing but just think about it? He probably didn’t want to lose so many fans to such a trifling decision to go unprotected with a porn star?!?! So he try to gain more likes by sending such a positive message in donating so much money to strangers and the school system… ”

It looks like we'll have to wait until Scorpion drops before we hear a more direct response from Drake himself. 

While it will be toned down from the version J Prince originally halted, it could still be a hard-hitting affair if Drake's word is valid.

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