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Find Out How Drake Opted To Reclaim His Time Against This Woman’s False Allegations

Anyway, you may recognize the name Layla Lace. For most of 2017, she claimed that Drake had gotten her pregnant. 

She took to social media to post alleged 'receipts' of her fling with the Canadian rapper, claiming he began ignoring her after finding out she was carrying his seed

We all know Drake has a penchant for strippers and curvy girls so some fans weren't certain what to think when Layla came forward with her story.

Lace stated she decided to put Drake on blast after he stopped responding to her.  The Instagram model went all out and shared screenshots of her conversations with the rapper, along with positive pregnancy test documents.

Layla stated that since Drake refused to talk to her after getting her pregnant, it was time to call him out for pretending to be a good guy.

The curvy Instagram model then had a radio interview to further blast Drake for "ghosting her" and their unborn seed. 

#LaylaLace says she is 100% sure that she is pregnant by #Drake.

The next month, she hired a lawyer and asked for money from Drake for the baby, though that lawyer soon dropped off. 

Layla soon filed a claim with the New York Police Department alleging that Drake had forced himself in bed and took advantage of her. Police cleared Drake of any wrongdoing though.

Before long, Layla hired a new lawyer and threatened to go public with the nasty claims if Drizzy didn’t hand over some cash. She was asking for millions of dollars, TMZ noted. 

Well since Extortion is a crime, Drake has opted to take the legal road on this one. He’s seeking unspecified damages.

He's also suing her for a slew of other reasons, including fraud and defamation; the lawsuit also accuses Layla of abuse of process and emotional distress, Hollywood Life reports.

Drizzy’s lawyer, Larry Stein, explains, “There is no credible evidence of pregnancy, nor any baby, which would have been born last Fall.” 

Drake says her story is all nonsense. He claims after one of his concerts in Manchester, England in February 2017 when he had a one-night stand with Layla. She later texted him saying she missed him and he told her he was sick and never responded again. That supposedly caused her to create a “fantasy relationship.”


Throughout the pregnancy drama last year, Layla reportedly refused to allow a paternity test. 

Furthermore, Layla and Drake have a mutual friend, DJ Spade, who actually seems to have put the two in touch. He previous outed her as a liar and fraud by sharing their direct messages. Layla appeared to admit she was fibbing and just trying to pick up some publicity. She admitted as much in their conversation; “Publicity will make me $ even if he don’t want me idc.” Spade told her people were going to “hate” her once they figured out she’s lying, but she replied, "I’m still gonna get this money.”

Anyway, this seems to be sorting itself out, but do you think that Drake has learned his lesson yet

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