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Drake Breaks Social Media Silence Amidst Feud With Pusha T But His Comments Might Break Your Heart — Receipts Inside

Is Drake done?

Some seem to think that his musical reign is now over in the wake of his recently-reignited feud with Pusha T. Did you miss it? 

We doubt it, but long story short, Pusha T kicked things off yet again with “Infared”, claiming that Drizzy uses a ghost-writer. Drake soon clapped back with “Duppy Freestyle” and then Pusha dropped “Story of Adidon”, which accused Drake of keeping his alleged son with Sophie Brussaux under wraps…at least until he needed to promote an Adidas line.

"Adonis is your son / And he deserves more than an Adidas press run, that’s real / Love that baby, respect that girl / Forget she’s a porn star, let her be your world."

"His new line on Adidas is called Adidon, which is named after Adonis, his son," Pusha told the Breakfast Club the other day. "So we couldn't know about your child until you started selling sweatsuits and sneakers? We couldn't know until he started selling the sweatsuits."

Well, Drake is reportedly back on Instagram, posting cryptic comments. 

According to a screenshot from DJ Akademiks, Drake left two mysterious comments on Instagram under an unnamed post on the social media platform.

“Black Benz no friends,” the first one said. While it is possible that the rap star could simply be teasing a bar from his forthcoming Scorpion album, the next isn’t quite so murky.

“Nobody really know what I been through,” the second reads.

#drake found on Instagram for the first time since Pusha T told the world he was a father.

Hm. Okay, Aubrey. It was all fun and games at first though, no?

You’re welcome. 🦉

He has been pretty quiet for the last week or so.

Drake previously attempted to explain why he posed for that "Blackface" snap (which Pusha T highlighted by using it as the cover art the “Story of Adidon”), noting, "I know everyone is enjoying the circus, but I want to clarify this image in question. This was not from a clothing brand shoot or my music career. This picture is from 2007, a time in my life where I was an actor, and I was working on a project that was about young black actors struggling to get roles, being stereotyped and type cast."

Pusha already declared that he is fine with all the low-blows he dealt, since Drake name-checked his lady love. 

"All bets are off because of that. That alone causes all bets to be off and everything else is fair game."

Many fans were hoping Drake would release a new track that demolishes Pusha, but rap OG J. Prince thinks the "Hotline Bling" rapper should take the high road.

The Rap-A-Lot Records founder was promoting his upcoming book, "The Art and Science of Respect", when he addressed the rap beef between the two men.

Stopped by DTLR radio in DC with copies of my new book - The Art & Science of Respect @dtlrlifestyle (📷: @kool_mo_b_pics)

Prince explained he feels certain things are off limits in rap beefs and wants Drake to leave it alone.

"I spoke with Drake," Prince said. "I made an OG call to Drake this morning, telling him, 'I don't want you to respond to this. We're going to put this to bed.'" 

Prince adds, "We're going to put this to bed because we can't get into the pigpen with pigs. Because pigs turn into hogs and hogs get slaughtered."

"That's not [Drake's] character," Prince continued. "We didn't work this hard to cheat ourselves over nothing. So that's the way that is."

Thoughts? Is Drake losing face by staying mum or is he being smart by biting his tongue?

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