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Meet "KeKe" - Here's The Familiar Woman Drake Is Yearning For In The New Viral Song 'In My Feelings'

“Keke, do you love me? Are you riding?” Those words have left everyone’s mouth the past two weeks, no cap. 

I haven’t been able to get the lyric — or, should I say, that part of the song — out of my head since.

Drake, better known as Aubrey Drake Graham, has a way of getting people into their feelings regardless of if they’ve ever had their heart broken or not. The Canadian award-winning artist recently dropped his new double-sided album Scorpion and the aptly named track “In My Feelings” has the whole world singing about a mystery woman named Keke. 

As we’ve all seen by now, “In My Feelings" sparked an online dance challenge (started by Instagram personality @theshiggyshow), and everyone who is everyone has been doing a video.

But the more important questions is: Who is Keke?

The gag is, it’s not Keke Palmer. He’s been talking about former 106 & Park host, singer, songwriter, and philanthropist Keshia “Keke” Chante. 

From Vancouver, with love. ❤️ Dress @mikaeldofficial Diamonds @birks

Drizzy and Keshia go way back to early teenage years and the time of Wheelchair Jimmy on Degrassi. She’s originally from Ottawa but moved to Drake’s native Toronto to kick-start her music career. They became close friends after that and he was apparently one of the first industry people she’d met at the time.

According to an old interview Chante did with Hot 97, her and the OVO star never dated and were never intimate. She mentioned a meaningless puppy-love kiss when they were teens but she swears their relationship never went beyond that.

Doesn’t she favor Aaliyah?

They originally called Drake her ex-boyfriend and she clarified that he was a good person but she’d never take the title of his ex-girlfriend. They went to the movies a few times but it wasn’t anything serious. 

They grilled her on the topic of Drake, asking if he’s her type and if she wishes she dated him. Chante kept her cool with answers like “I see him as Aubrey” and “He’s a really good person.” 

Keshia recently posted a photo on her IG of herself with the star in Amsterdam, showing that the pair are still good friends and there are no hard feelings or ulterior motives.

familia || '04 tings || @champagnepapi @deetenn 🌺

Chante also goes by the nickname “Keke.” She was celebrating a friend’s birthday in Miami recently and used the nickname in question in her caption. 

“Keke, do you love me? Are you riding?” 

It feels like a weight has been lifted now that we know who he’s talking about. We can all go back to singing the song until we can’t stand it anymore.