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Dr. G Exposed By Mistress Amid Messy Divorce From ‘Married To Medicine’ Star Miss Quad — Video

Well this escalated quickly! 

Just one week after Married To Medicine star Dr. G tried to explain his alleged affair in his marriage to estranged wife Miss Quad, his rumored mistress is giving her side of the story. 

Jackie Presley visited with Frank and Wanda in the Morning on Atlanta’s V-103 this week to explain what happened when she hooked up with Dr. G. The incident, which we saw Quad confront her husband about during season 5 of the show, saw Lunceford and Presley go to a friend’s hotel room after meeting up at the club. 

In Greg’s previous interview with V-103, he claimed that Jackie told a lot of lies. 

He said he got “super stupid” and was “about to be superplayer” before telling his Presley once they got to the room, “let’s not do this, this isn’t us.”

He swears nothing happened that night, and she’s been trying to hold him up for money.

Greg Lunceford also revealed that him and Miss Quad hadn’t been intimate in a few years as she had been sleeping in the guest bedroom prior to the April 2018 divorce filing.

Jackie’s version is totally different. She says after they went to the club that night, they got a room and things got frisky quickly. 

“We get in the room and foreplay was happening … talking, kissing, foreplay, oral and then he proceeds to get on top of me without a condom,” she says. “And I said, ‘No, where’s your condom?’ And he said, ‘I don’t have one.’ Again, proceeds to get on me, put it in without a condom.”

Presley said she was persistent that Greg use protection. He then sought a friend for a condom and when the doctor’s pal didn’t have one, Jackie told Lunceford to go get one from the store. He went to the store but after 15 minutes, Dr. G texted her that he was going home. 

Presley, who insisted she didn’t know who he was, recalled the doctor texting her: “You enjoy the room and I’ll see you another day.”

You can watch her 17-minute interview, below:

In the comment section of the video, the internet wasted no time expressing their thoughts. 

“Something about her story is off… although she doesn’t have anything to gain besides being known as ‘the girl who Greg cheated on Quad with,’ her story doesn’t make any sense.”

“She telling the truth. He felt bad made up a lie. not to hard to believe, he goofy a nerd I don’t think he wanted to cheat on his wife. Sad case.”

“There’s always three sides to the story. His side, her side and then the truth somewhere in between. & It doesn’t matter if she knew who he was or not… that man still decided to step out on his marriage…”

Who do you think is telling the truth?

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