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‘Insecure’ Star DomiNique Perry Tried To Shoot Her Shot With Jay Ellis In Real Life And It Went Real Left

DomiNque Perry recently revealed a rather embarrassing incident while talking to The Shade Files, admitting that she attempted to shoot her shot in real life with co-star Jay Ellis. 

The actress, who played Tasha on the show, was asked if she cared to share a funny moment that happened behind the scenes on "Insecure."

Perry admitted that she tried to come on to Ellis, who played her character’s on-screen love interest and Issa’s ex, Lawrence.

She thought Jay was "so fine" and reveals she tried to let him know she was interested.

On her second day of filming, she decided to go for it!

She said, "A lot of my time was really spent with Jay. I didn’t really have a lot of time with Yvonne or a lot of the other characters because their story line is way different from mine. I do have one story."

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She recalled, "It was like my second day of filming and I always thought Jay Ellis was so fine. One day I said, ‘You know what? I’m going to shoot my shot.’ I don’t think he knows this but I was really trying to shoot my shot on set."

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DomiNque recalled, "It was like my second day and I was still the new kid on the block. I have this thing I do where I do these googly eyes. I have big eyes so they work for me. And I was giving him these googly eyes and he’s tall and I’m only 5’1″ so I was like, ‘Oh, this is really going to work! We’re going to hit it off. We’ll just get married and live happily ever after.’ I’m just kidding [laughs]!" 

Perry continued, "But I was like, it’s going to work. I remember just staring at him and giving him the googly eyes and he kind of looked at me and was like, ‘Why are you looking like that? Are you ok?’ When he said that, I picked up my face off of the floor. I never shoted my shot with Jay Ellis ever again. ‘You are my brother, I get it. This is a work thing. I get it Jay!'"

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She went on to state that thankfully none of the other cast members weren't around to witness the embarrassing moment.
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Perry adds, "I definitely tried. I got shot down but it’s ok. Me and Jay are so cool! And you know, it’s cool."

Ellis attempts to keep his romantic life out of the public eye, but he was last romantically linked with Nina Senicar.

Ellis spoke about maintaining his privacy during his appearance on "The Breakfast Club."

Jay shared, "I’m in a very happy relationship and that’s just where I leave it."

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Ellis explained, "We give so much of ourselves no matter what we do, so a relationship to me is the most important thing that two people can have. So I value privacy, I value respect, not only for myself but for the person who I’m with." 

When she replies with “k”

He adds, "I think everybody has to have their boundaries and mine is I keep my personal life personal. I keep things personal. I keep things private."

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