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DomiNque Perry Finally Explains Hooking Up With Sarunas Jackson As They Confirm They Have A Baby Together

Well, this is something.

Weeks ago, “Insecure” co-stars Sarunas Jackson and DomiNque Perry made headlines after it was revealed that they now have a baby together.

And now it seems the two actors are publicly confirmed they are the parents of baby Zen. Which we all already figured out, yes?

Sarunas (aka Dro) hopped in DomiNque's (who plays Tasha "from the bank") comment gushing over his daughter and it was super adorable.  

DomiNque even responded with a little ego booster as well

s with her baby girl 😍 🎀

Take a peek.

Dominque had first shared a snap from her pregnancy photoshoot in April, writing in the caption, "It's like.... I just felt like FINALLY showing you off girl. You weren't in my plans but you were in Gods plans, and for that it's insane how much I love you. Let's take over this world young Queen."

She had dished that she was due to give birth on May 19, telling Page Six that she was excited about becoming a mom.

"Just to have her around lots of love, family, and friends and by my side for as many occasions as possible. I’m a first-time mom so as of right now I have no plans since everything will be so very new and exciting to me, but I definitely am going to just enjoy the ride of motherhood! And try to learn from my experiences with my daughter and strive to be the best mother I can be for her as well as making her proud by achieving all goals in my career."

Both Sarunas and DomiNque posted about the bundle of joy’s arrival in May. But, it wasn't super clear if Sarunas was indeed the father or if he was just pumped for his colleague. His posts were arguably vague. 

Along with comments on social media, Sarunas' sister, Giselle Samson (a contestant on cycle 1 of "America's Next Top Model", apparently), has been posting shots of her new niece…Zen Giselle-Yvette.

I’m officially an Auntie!! My little niece Zen Giselle-Yvette #beauty #newlife #newworld #onlyneice #love #life #amazing #family #newblood #relative #forevorinmyheart

mean wow!!! Thanks to all the people who have supported our family in welcoming my niece and saying nice things as well. We commend you and bless you all! #loveoneanother #bekind #livelovelaugh #iftheshoewereontheotherfoot ❤️

And here’s a pic of Giselle with her brother Sarunas:

#brooklynbridge #brooklynny #siblings #fundaymonday #nyc


It hasn’t been all kisses and positivity though. Not super shocking though, is it?

Yup. There are whispers that Sarunas may have been fooling around with another woman named Kaylen Zahara, from MTV's “Are You The One”. She threw insults about "insecure" men on Twitter.

Last month (right after Zen was born), she tweeted-and-then-deleted, "Ladies, listen to your intuition! These dudes will be in your crib, eating your food & laying up with you, taking you on dates, etc but kids on the way without you knowing. TUH! These insecure men can’t never keep it 100. Congrats tho”

“When someone announces they now have a child in this world but they was laying up with you and taking you on dates as a single man …. how sway? You can’t trust these fools man!"


In fact, some “Insecure” fans thought it was just messy for the two of its stars to be date while filming the hit HBO series.

But in a recent interview with 97.9 The Box in Houston, DomiNque says they didn’t start their romance until she was done with the show.

“No, it was afterwards. It wasn’t a romance brewing on the set at all, no,” says DomiNque Perry. “He was like No, no, no. I’ma hit you up after your name is off that call sheet.”

We can’t wait to see more pictures of Baby Zen in the future! 

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