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Comedianne/Actress Tiffany Haddish Is Reportedly Dating This Well-Known Celebrity Socialite

But what about Drake?!

Right. He already blew his chance with the one-and-only Tiffany Haddish!

Is our girl Tiffany Haddish working on getting a bae though? Maybe.

According to reports, sources claim that as Tiffany is in New York to film the second season of The Last OG with co-star Tracy Morgan, she has also been spotted with Mr. Unik Ernest – a man known for attending celebrity parties and other get-togethers.

Despite the fact that no one managed to snap a photo of them getting cozy, paparazzi insist they were together at Spike Lee’s premiere of BlacKkKlansman in Brooklyn.

Wishing Everyone a smashing week. Wanted to thank @officialspikelee for believing in this Haitian kid and for allowing me to host and produce the biggest, hottest ticket of this year’s festival #BlacKkKlansman #DiYoSa #UnikAccess #RepresentingHaiti @focusfeatures @universalpictures

So, who is the mystery man and where did they meet?

Mr. Ernest apparently is a Haitian tech and hospitality entrepreneur, marketer, as well as a philanthropist and activist. 

Additionally, Page Six says the couple supposedly started to get to know each other at the premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Recently, he posted an #AboutLastNight of Tiffany dancing and he commented, “Beauty is an understatement.”

#AboutLastNight Dancing is more than just moving body parts; it is a pathway of expressing your deepest inner thoughts. #SheReady #blackklansman #UnikAccess #RepresentingHaiti @breshawebb @tiffanyhaddish @damarislewis

Thus far, Tiffany hasn’t spoken up publicly to confirm or deny whether the rumors are true, but there’s no question that, once she gets wind of the speculation, she will certainly have something to say.

Something I wanna share about Danny Glover's Toussaint L’Ouverture Film That Never Was, But Could Still Be & Other Films on the Haitian Revolutionary. He could definitely write a book on… just on the process of trying to make a film about the Haitian revolution; but the project is still alive. If there is a will, there is a way. I remember it took over 2 decades to bring to the big screen the Oscar winning film RAY so... Patience is Everything! #RepresentingHaiti #SheReady #UnikAccess #ActivismNotPolitic #DannyGlover

As fans of the hilarious star already know, she loves to talk about flirting with other men in the industry. For instance, she dished about Black Panther's Michael B Jordan and said she wanted to get real close to him.

Hm. But Serene Hughes claims that Tiffany uses her outrageous approach as a means of keeping men away from her and controlling the situation. She supposedly likes to hit on men first, that way they don’t come on to her and make her feel uncomfortable; it’s a defense mechanism.

@hollywoodreporter #sheready #thelastblackunicorn

Tiffany has also previously admitted that, while she likes a lot of guys out there, she’s not overly thrilled with the idea of committing to a serious relationship.

Whatever brings you joy, Tiff! You deserve it.

Tiffany once opened up about her intense marriage with ex-husband William Stewart and the alleged details were pretty intense.

So, only the best for her going forward, right?

Okay, okay, so do you think that Tiffany and Unik would make a cute couple?

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