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There's Already Messiness Involving ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Star Porsha Williams & Her New Bae

Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Porsha Williams, is already boo’ed up again. 

The reality star, who spent a majority of Season 10 trying to avoid drama and negativity, was also in search of finding Mr. Right. While it is unclear how she met her new bae, it looks like she has finally found love.

Although Porsha had been hoping to keep her new relationship quiet, the internet has a way of finding out anything and everything. 

Porsha was seen leaving a jewelry store in New York City with mogul Dennis McKinley, claiming they were just looking, while being sure to flaunt a wedding ring on her finger for the paparazzi. Are they secretly engaged?

Now the clip posted by TMZ has got everyone talking, wondering if Porsha is doing this just for the exposure, to save her spot on the show, or just for the clout of being with a businessman. 

Meet Porsha’s new man below (Swipe left to see the photos):

We found out who’s #porshawilliams new bae.. his name is #dennismckinley he an entrepreneur #gossiptwins

Relocating from Detroit to Atlanta, Dennis McKinley, has been described as a serial entrepreneur with a background in business, eCommerce, retail, real estate, hospitality, leaderships, and more!  

love sending the RONIs on these scavenger hunts 😩😆 It appears #Porsha is daring someone who she refers to as “DM”, Dennis McKinley....and he’s got some legal history with #ToyaWright 👀 #TeaTENDERS

She’s also been noted to use to the significant hashtag #DM (Dennis McKinley) in some of her Instagram posts back in June, including this one captioned “❣️He Said he like it red #BloodyMoves #DM❤️.”

❣️He Said he like it red #BloodyMoves #DM❤️

BET.com asked if it was possible for any reality stars filming – especially Real Housewives Of Atlanta – to enter a serious relationship, considering just how crazy their schedules and relationships become.

RHOA is currently filming their 11th season and the timing couldn’t be more of a coincidence. With her quickly finding a new man, chances are that check is going to keep coming for Porsha. Williams has been hinting at this relationship since early June, using her radio show Dish Nation as a platform to talk about relationships finding you when you stop looking. 

She joked about being single forever and growing old to be a “single cat lady” before finding Dennis,

“And that’s how it happens, it’s always when you’re not looking anymore.  It’s when you go ahead and give up … I stopped looking, and he arrived. I gave up, honey, and bought cats online. They on the way, Ima have to cancel the order. I was ready to just let it go,” she joked.

GO SIS! #PorshaWilliams sounds off on finding “Mr. Right” and whether we’ll see him on #RHOA this coming season! 👏🏾🍑💕

As we all know, it’s hard for relationships to flourish in the limelight. Prime examples: The Weeknd and Bella Hadid, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, Chad ‘Ocho Cinco’ and Evelyn Lozada. It’s especially hard to believe everything we see on reality tv, knowing that reality television is often scripted. 

Is she engaged for real? What do you think? 

According to The Industry On Blast, an Atlanta resident is accusing Dennis Mckinley of stealing money & giving ideas to Porsha Williams so that her businesses will be successful! Shanise Thompson says she was not paid ruight and wants her money while "Dennis is eating good with hands in both pots!" 

Atlanta resident #ShaniseThompson is accusing her biz partner #DennisMckinley of stealing money & giving ideas to #PorshaWilliams his girlfriend so her line will be successful! ❗️😱. Shanise claims she was not accurately paid and wants her money while Dennis is eating good with hands in both pots!! 😬 damn Porsha guess this is a potential storyline ☕️

Here’s to hoping Porsha’s new man isn’t just a publicity stunt and maybe she’s finally found true love! Season 11 of Real Housewives of Atlanta should be airing November 2018. 

Stay tuned for more tea!

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