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The Internet Comes With Receipts & Identifies The Instagram Star That Offset Reportedly Cheated On Cardi B With — Video

Migos member Offset had his iCloud account hacked recently and a video leaked of the rapper in a hotel room with a naked woman. Fans believe Offset cheated on Cardi B with a South African Instagram model named Faith 'Queen Twerk' Nketsi.

The leaked video shows the "Bad and Boujee" rapper filming a nude woman in his hotel bathroom. Some media outlets claim the footage was taken in September, which is a month before Cardi accepted Offsets proposal.

Cardi later confirmed Offset had cheated, stating that his outfit and shoes gave him away. The "Bodak Yellow" rapper revealed that the hackers released videos of her as well and that they are sending her messages daily.

Fans of Cardi believe they have identified the naked woman in Offset's hotel room, claiming it's a South African Instagram model named Faith Nketsi.

Faith shared a video of herself and Offset to Snapchat on October 16 when Migos was in South Africa for a concert.

A fan downloaded Faith's video, tagging Cardi B in the Twitter post.

This was around the time Cardi announced on social media that she was 'single.' However, their split was brief and she later explained she "exaggerated a lil bit."

Cardi even apologized to Offset, promising to buy him waffles.

"So listen babes ,I exaggerated alil bit earlier cause I was really upset and the Bronx girl in me always have to go to the extreme.I came to my senses now. I'm sorry … (sic)."

Peep the Plot 👀 @offsetyrn

Faith, aka 'Queen Twerk', shared a photo of herself on Oct. 16, wearing the same outfit shown in the Snapchat video with Offset. 

Lagos Nigeria it's been great ✌🏾 thanks for having me 😊😊😊

Queen Twerk has denied hooking up with the rapper. She took to Instagram to reveal what happened when she met Offset.

"I was at the airport and I saw Offset, as a 'FAN' I asked him for a picture/snap. Why was I trending for that? Why are people saying I slept with him? Why can I not take a picture with a talented artist? I don’t get it!! (sic)," she said.

Looking all sorts of cute while getting work done 💰

Faith also claimed she has a boyfriend, adding, "I’m in a very, very, very, very happy relationship and I was with my man the WHOLE weekend."

Some fans also pointed out that Faith was spotted backstage at the Migos concert. However, Queen Twerk stated she is a big fan and she can afford to get herself anywhere she desires.

She wrote, "For your concern, I was not there with or for Offset. I was there for the Migos concert with my friend."

Fans still believe that Faith is the woman who came between Offset and Cardi, because the Snapchat video came out around the same time as the video that showed Offset with the naked woman in his hotel. 

Do you believe Faith is the woman in the NSFW video that Offset cheated on Cardi with?

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