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Masika Kalysha Clarifies Previous Reports That She Quit 'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood'

Masika didn’t actually get her way. Maybe?

Some previously claimed that Masika may have been granted a release from her Love & Hip Hop contract. as a Twitter exchanged hinted that both Masika and Moniece are over the show.

This all kicked off when a blogger who follows the Love and Hip Hop franchises voiced their desire to see Masika continue popping up on their screens. They shared that they would be “done” with the Hollywood franchise if Masika didn’t return. 

Masika quoted the tweet, responding to the person that this would be “a very wise choice”.

She then asked her followers whether she should stay or go. Then, another supporter replied to Masika, pleading with her to stay. They also added Masika’s pal Moniece to the tweet, referring to both of them as “clap back queens.”

While Masika appreciated this, Moniece, who still is unhappy with Lil Fizz dating AD’s “friend” Tiffany, had a snappier retort.

Moniece replied to Masika and the fan, declaring that she would have already quit the show, if she had been granted a release from her contract. 


Well, that was all just talk, it seems.

Recently, Masika was been spotted on Twitter responding to someone who expressed sadness over her supposedly not returning. 

Masika apparently responded, “I’m not going no where.” This was followed by Masika tweeting “👀” to another follower who asked her not to quit.


Check out the posts below:

The good news is that we cannot wait to see what drama is on the horizon. Guilty!

Oh and is Alexis done with Fetty Wap?

Because Masika can maybe swoop back in now. Hahah.

A while back, Alexis ripped into her baby daddy.

❤️ Woman crush everyday

In a Snapchat rant, she had threatened to take him to court, warning another woman whom he may be spending time with to wrap it up.

"[expletive] [expletive] [expletive], stay the [expletive] from me and my daughter," she wrote. "I'll see you in court [expletive]."

"Can you wake my baby daddy up and tell him I said he has a few hours," she told her, via her Insta story. "If not tell him I'll see his [expletive] in court & I hope you use a condom."

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