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Evelyn Comes For Jennifer & Tami And Makes Strong Allegations Following Shaunie O'Neal Rumor — Receipts Inside

Ok. Um. Wow. Where do we even begin?

The current season of VH1’s "Basketball Wives"” is unbelievably nuts and messy to the 10th degree. 

On the latest episode, Tami Roman revealed that she was told by Jennifer Williams that Evelyn Lozada slept with Shaunie O’Neal’s ex, whose name was bleeped out by producers. But everyone seems to think it is Shaquille O’Neal.

Well, Evelyn and Jennifer are back to being buddies, after a multi-year rift.

This reconciliation has seemingly ticked off Tami. In fact, Tami thinks Jennifer is being phony by befriending Evelyn again, since Jenn said some questionable things about Evelyn while the two weren’t speaking.

This all came to light on-air the other day…and Evelyn quickly denied bedding someone close to Shaunie. Jennifer is claiming that she was only asked if Evelyn slept with Shaq, but Tami alleges Jennifer told her it happened (Jenn insists Tami asked her about it). 

Such a sloppy situation. But Evelyn isn’t sitting around twiddling her thumbs in silence.

"I’m not only placing blame on Tami, I’m also placing blame of Jen too because there was a “plan” a year ago. The plan was to come back on the show through Tami and bring be down #BasketballWives," she tweeted. "I was so heart broken to find out Jen entertained this supposed rumor with Tami. We may have had our issues but I would never intentionally try to ruin her. 😓 #BasketballWives". 

Jenn chimed in as well, writing, "I haven’t watched #BasketballWives yet however I will say this, I should have never participated in some BS regardless of how upset I was at Evelyn.. [...] Second thing is this... NO ONE is innocent in [expletive] that has transpired over the years... #BasketballWives. Tami knew what she was orchestrating behind the scenes, to stir BS!!"

So, why is a rumored roll in the sack in the past such a huge deal now? 

Apparently, the real problem is that everyone knew that this was a topic of conversation (minus Shaunie and Evelyn), but no one is clear on where the story came from and why not one person mentioned it to Shaunie in the past year.

“Damn who is my friend? #Basketballwives,” she tweeted the other day.

Former Basketball Wives star Royce Reed has jumped in to defend Tami Roman and claims she knew of Evelyn’s supposedly sneaky moves with one of Shaunie’s exes.

“I don’t like reading comments based on edits! @tamiroman is still my girl and she’s no liar! Ain’t ish changed! I got the messages too. Gnite. #TeamTami,” Royce recently tweeted.

Tami’s remarks about the 2012 infamous domestic incident between Evelyn and her now-ex-husband, Chad Johnson has also riled up feathers. 

Lying On Chad👀👀👀🐸💭#BBW #BBWLA #BasketBallWives #BasketBallWivesLa #BasketBallWivesMiami #BasketBallWives #TamiRoman #EvelynLozada(via:@thebbwtea) Video Credit @vh1 @basketballwives

Is the drama going too far?

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