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New Proof Pops Up Exposing Lyrica Creeping On Husband A1 With Safaree Samuels — Receipts Inside

Lyrica Anderson and Safaree Samuels appear to have been having an affair?!

(Even K. Michelle says so. Haha.)

On the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, rap producer A1 confronted his wife Lyrica about possibly fooling around with co-star Safaree.

At first, Lyrica tried to keep a level head and explain that they're all just friends. When A1 wasn't buying it, Lyrica popped all the way off, giving him an explosive reaction that was pretty revealing, actually.

While laughed off the accusation of cheating, Lyrica slid her phone to her husband (upon his request) as proof that she hadn't been unfaithful.

Unfortunately for her, this course of action only made matters worse because she had already deleted all her text messages to Safaree. Yeah, that is a suspicious move to make.

“If somebody accused me of something, and I knew it wasn't true, I'd be able to laugh it off. But the louder that Lyrica's getting is making me feel like she actually did something,” A1 said. 

With a tossed drink and a hateful goodbye, Lyrica left A1 at the bar and threatened to put hands on K. Michelle for starting the rumors. (Note: Marcus is the one who told A1 about the rumors).

Obviously, fans are all over this batch of drama.

Well it’s starting to look more and more like Safaree was indeed sleeping with his A1’s wife.

Back in February, Lyrica reportedly took her husband to task for his supposedly philandering ways. In her Snap, she talked about how she always wanted a "side [expletive]." And if you look closely, you can see that here is a red fur coat (a hem) in the picture.

Also in view is a big cup of lean. And another glass with some type of liquor concoction. So, two drinks. A date, presumably.

And if you look closely at the Snap, you'll see Safaree's infamous red fur coat in the picture.

Oh and did you seeK .Michelle also called Lyrica's relationship with A-1 "fake" ? Yup. She dubbed it a “music marriage,” saying “there’s no love or affection” between the songstress and A1. As if accusing her of trying to slide into Safaree’s DM when she already had a man wasn't harsh enough.

Okay, what is your read on this situation? Can you see Lyrica and Safaree sneaking around together?

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