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The Tea On Season 2 Of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ Including Who's Returning, Fired and Hired

This tea is nice and hot!

MTO News seems to have spoken with a top producer at Love & Hip Hop: Miami and they spilled all of the details when it comes to the castlist for next season.

(Oh and apparently, even those on the show are not sure of who made it yet).

Who is in? Amara La Negra (yay!), JoJo, Prince, Bobby Lytes, Trina, Trick Daddy, Shay, Joy, Pretty Ricky, Young Hollywood, Chinese Nicky (which means Chinese Kitty is returning too), Michelle Pooch and Miami Tip.

And, perhaps more importantly, who is being booted off the show? BY THE END OF THE WEEK, mind you. Malik, Jeffrey, Gabriella, Gunplay—no tears over that one, eh?— & Keyara, Lil Scrappy, Liz, Steph, Veronica Vega and Trina's assistant Alvin.

The first season of the reality television series aired on VH1 from January 1, 2018 until March 19, 2018. It was primarily filmed in Miami, Florida. (Duh). It is executive produced by Mona Scott-Young.

Back in late-June, Amara and Bobby Lytes got into it, so we are kind of excited to see what was going on behind the scenes.

He had shared a screenshot of Amara’s blank Instagram page, suggests that the artist blocked Bobby from seeing her content. 

In the caption, Bobby tore into Amara for being fake and even dragged Jojo Zarur right on into the drama by tagging her in the caption. 

 “Let me guess…. ya fake [expletive] found out that I heard you was talking [expletive] about me? Why??? When all I’ve ever done was support you and your tired [expletive] music, even when people around me use to doubt and talk [expletive] and ask me were you a gimmick I defended you to the max!!,” Bobby vented.

He also wrote, “Then to come and find out you told @jojozarur what u said about me was disappointing Amara, honey you ain’t fooling nobody miss thing!!! Soon the truth will come to light!!! 💡”

Both Jojo and Amara later responded on their Instagram stories. 

They also shared an IG video in response: 

Who’s ready for us on Love and Hip Hop Miami Season 2? @amaralanegraaln 😍
Hm! Whatever, we are happy that Amara is reportedly coming back. Her storyline was one of the major ones for the Miami spin-off, which also sparked an online debate about colorism.

"We know even within our own community, we have our light-skinned black, dark-skinned blacks," Executive Producer Mona Scott-Young previously shared, before adding "not just in the Latina community and this is something we have had to deal with.”

She then explained that she had no problem with giving the subject a platform, noting that "we will never see change" if it isn't openly discussed. 

Back to the business at hand though! Are you looking forward to the next season now? Or are you too bummed about who will (and won't be) showing up on screen?

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