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DeRay Davis Opens Up About Tamar Braxton Trying To Fight Him During VH1 "Hip Hop Squares" Taping — Watch

Tamar Braxton has a ton going on right now. Her marriage might be falling apart. Her husband was in a serious car accident. She recently had a breakdown on social media. Like, don’t add nonsense to her plate right now, okay?

Well, since DeRay Davis is a veteran comedian, mutterings about his on-set spat with Tamar last week were probably a joke. Eh. Damage control, is that you?

In case you missed it, the pair reportedly got into a little tiff while during a filming of VH1's "Hip Hop Squares" show last week.

He had made a quip about Tamar simply mouthing the words to her song, which led to other people on the set cracking up. Reportedly, at least. She didn't actually hear the joke, but apparently Lil Mama filled Tamar in after the fact….and she wasn’t thrilled, apparently.

Tamar Braxton and comedian DeRay Davis got into an explosive argument over lip-sync trash talk and threats he'd unleash his sisters on Tamar

Hey, all that lip-syncing stuff was bizarre, right? It seems to have stemmed from her 2017 BET Awards performance, in which she may or may not have belted out a version of her track, "My Man”.

Anyway, insiders claimed that Tamar confronted DeRay, which soon led to an explosive argument. Oof.

TMZ recently caught up with him at Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood on Saturday night. He said, “No, that’s the weirdest. Me and Tamar are not beefing. Stop believing [expletive]”, when asked about the fight.

He then added, “Toni [Braxton] was in my first movie— the second movie I’ve done after Barbershop. Tamar is my sister. When you play board games as Black people, you get to spite. Tamar is a cheater at board games, and she knows she’s a cheater with board games!”

He also jokingly stated, “Black people also, we make our babies fight. I never said my sisters would beat Tamar’s sister’s [expletive]. {Braxton sisters] crazy. And Towanda is one of my favorite people and I’m probably gonna end up marrying her one day.”

They are cute 💜 @tamarbraxton @deraydavis #tamarbraxton #deraydavis

Hahaha. Great. We hope that this happens, because that would be terrific.

He also revealed that he has six sisters and five brothers. SO, if things were to go down with someone, he has eleven siblings to bring into the mix.

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DeRay Davis also shut down gossip he and #TamarBraxton got into a heated exchange on the set of #HipHopSquares.

Watch the clip below:

#DeRayDavis is shutting down gossip he and #TamarBraxton got into a heated exchange on the set of #HipHopSquares. Here's what he told us last night at the 25th anniversary of #DefComedyJam.

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