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Deelishis Tried To Shoot Her Shot At This Rapper But His Baby Mama Caught It First — Receipts Inside

Hahahaha… When shooting your shot goes wrong!

Former Flavor of Love contestant Deelishis is one of the latest single celeb women to inquire about a man publicly.  

Yup. She revealed exactly what kind of man she was looking for, over on Instagram. Apparently, the former reality star is pining for “a [man] to give some babies”. One who is a “handful of Michael B Jordan” and a “sprinkle of Dave East.”

It seemed to all be in good fun, until, well, Dave East's baby’s mother hopped in to pull the plug on Deelishis’ efforts.

The IG account @thehushnews mentioned Dave East’s baby’s mom in the comment section, writing, “She wants your babydaddy so bad”. To which, the woman replied, “Now every b[expletive]h wanna shoot they shot with the Nicki verse. Cute vid tho but I’m back no so ain’t no more sprinkle of dave east.”

Well, that is pretty concrete. She shut that down right quick, huh?

Ladies, can we have a quick look at Dave East: 

Back to the drawing board you go, Deelishis! And maybe continue to stay away from Rick Ross?

Earlier this year, Deelishis (whose real name is London Charles) collected some attention when fans theorized that she seemed to have gone a little nuts with the plastic surgery.

She later denied that this was the case though. Or something?

A huh.


Deelishis really isn’t one to hold her tongue, so perhaps Dave’s baby mama better prepare herself for a clapback?

She actually once shared a video of herself with Rick, saying, "I've heard I'm a [expletive] and he's a [expletive], he's rich and I'm a gold digger, regardless to any of those statements being true or false, what does any of it have to do with you?"

"Tis the season to be jolly [expletive] and get you some bizness! There is no harm in a single woman and a single man sharing time and none of your comments will ever change that! Your (sic) wasting your time and showing your envious colors! Last I checked I get up daily and go to work to support my family and take care of my daughters! Last I checked I am a grown [expletive] single woman! And last I checked I wipe my own suckn, not you! And futhermore if your bitter [expletive] is that unhappy then dammit STFU and unfollow me!"

These shoes may be designer but this @fashionnova FIT 👌🏼🔥🔥🔥

Anyway, keep on looking, Dee!

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