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Jasmine Washington's Paternity Case Against "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" Star Kirk Frost Dismissed For Strange Reason

Fans of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" watched last season as Jasmine Washington accused reality star, Kirk Frost, of being the father of their child. This obviously caused lots of drama because Kirk was still married to Rasheeda. 

New reports suggest the paternity case has been dismissed, but not due to DNA results proving he wasn't the father. Frost simply got lucky due to a technicality in the case.

Washington previously claimed she carried on an affair with the married reality star and later fell pregnant. 

The former stripper claimed that Kirk had been paying her a monthly allowance during their relationship, also supplying her with a car. However, that came to a screeching halt when she decided to end the relationship with Kirk.

Washington went on to file a paternity case against Frost in an effort to prove he is the father of baby Kannon, also hoping to get her hands on child support.

Last season of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" focused on Kirk being pressured by his wife Rasheeda and her mother Shirley to take a paternity test. The season finale came and went without any paternity results, which was frustrating to many viewers. 

Rasheeda did find her husband's cheating to be the final straw and they have since separated.

The paternity case drama died down for quite a while, but now media outlets are reporting that Georgia Family Court Judge, Debra Turner, tossed out Washington’s paternity case against Frost.


The reason behind the case dismissal is apparently Jasmine running out of time to serve Kirk legal documents.  Judge Turner told Washington she had two weeks to have him served documents on the paternity case. 

Jasmine claimed that Kirk was dodging being served and she considered obtaining a warrant. However, it was two months later when Washington finally served Frost. Judge Turner reportedly dismissed the case because of the missed deadline. 

Insiders are claiming that Washington and Kirk have decided to settle the issue of paternity out of court. Kirk has reportedly agreed to pay child support if he is indeed the father. 

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Washington's attorney, Tony Mathis, has hit back at reports the paternity case was dismissed. He stated, "Nothing has happened… it is not true what BOSSIP is reporting."

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