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Wife Of ‘Family Matters’ Star Darius McCrary Makes Some Horrific Allegations About Him & Their Daughter

Darius McCrary (best known for playing Eddie Winslow in Family Matters) and estranged wife Tammy Brawner are still exchanging horrific accusations, apparently.

She is insisting that he has abused their 2-year-old daughter…again. She filed legal documents explaining Darius has not been following court orders in regards to custody of their daughter, Zoey. And according to her, he dislocated Zoey’s arm.


The Blast reports that Tammy revealed that Darius went on the radio and “stated that I have been telling and coaching our 2-year old daughter to lie and say that ‘dada hurt her.'”

However, in March 2018, he supposedly “partially dislocated” Zoey’s arm. Tammy included medical records from the incident that describe the injuries.

At the time, she told doctors that the girl was taken by her father to the bathroom and he “grabbed her arm.” But Darius denied this, saying that he simply “grabbed one hand to lift her up and immediately grabbed the other.”

The doctor’s report notes the girl was in pain and “cried when attempting to move the arm.”

Eventually, Zoey was deemed to have Nursemaid’s Elbow, which is a common elbow injury among young children and toddlers. It occurs when a kid’s elbow is pulled and one of the bones partially dislocates. 

Per the documents, a procedure was performed on Zoey, which she handled well.

In February 2017, Tammy filed a restraining order against Darius, after making claims that he tortured and abused her. A month later, she filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. The former Harlem Globetrotters player expressed concern for their daughter’s safety while in Darius’ care, as she believes he had issues with drugs, alcohol and managing his temper.

Well, in June 2018, the actor was ordered to pay $29/month in child support. He told the courts he was having a hard time finding work (he had a role on this past season of Lee Daniel's hit show, Star) and only brings in $462 a month, so they gave him the "low-income adjustment." Huh?

Tammy claims she has been trying to effectively co-parent with Darius, but he is not doing his part. “I cannot co-parent by myself,” Tammy explained. “I have gone above and beyond to parent with Mr. McCrary but he appears to be too bitter and too much of a tyrant to parent with me.”

Darius also may have violated court orders when he supposedly showed up to a recent monitored visit with Zoey with another child.

The actor's attorney, Glen T. Jonas, responded to Tammy’s previous allegations (she claimed that he once started “hurling picture frames and other objects around the house and hitting [her] in the head with his forearm”, before accusing him of physically abusing their daughter) by saying that she "is no victim ... she is a predator motivated by a desperate desire to extort money out of Mr. McCrary while trying to create an advantage in an impending divorce and custody battle."

He also called them "obvious and outlandish lies ...we are all dumber for having read them” and bashed Tammy’s career, claiming it "floundered after being fired by the Globetrotters [so] she apparently will say anything for a bit of media attention and a glimpse of the spotlight."

Tammy and the former Family Matters star wed in 2014; Tammy evidently filed for divorce in 2017 .

Hope that these two can figure out a cordial solution sooner than later.

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