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Report: Da Brat Has To Run An Extra $1 Million To Ex-Cheerleader In Bottle-Throwing Incident

Believe it or not, you can’t just wander around, throwing bottles at people’s faces.

We know. That is shocking.

Da Brat has yet to cough up any cash to the former cheerleader she was found liable for hitting in the face with a bottle. And now a judge has ruled she must pay an additional $1 million.


She was sued by ex-NFL cheerleader Shayla Stevens over the incident, which went down in a nightclub in 2007. Da Brat smacked Shayla in the face with a bottle of rum…causing permanent scarring, neurological damage and other “anguish”.

Shayla filed a lawsuit against Da Brat two years after the fact, when Da Brat was already in prison serving a three-year sentence as a result.

The jury awarded Shayla $6.4 million. Because Da Brat didn’t actually pay up, Shayla filed documents in California (although the original lawsuit was filed in Georgia); registering in California allows Shayla to go after Da Brat’s assets and property.

The interest on Da Brat’s original amount owed has ballooned to $1,306,301.37 and now she owes Shayla a total of $7,806,736.37.

That is a LOT of money. Damn.

This isn’t the first odd incident the rapper/radio host has been involved in.

She also dated Kirk Frost once upon a time.

Da Brat told Dish Nation about the romance, saying, "When I first met him, he wrote his name on 20 one hundred dollar bills and begged me to call him […] He wrote his name and number on the front and back of each one."


He also supposedly bought her a Lincoln Navigator?

Funnily enough, Porsha Williams added she would have called him while taking an Uber over to his house after that gesture.

Da Brat confessed that she didn’t want to seem desperate, so she waited a day before reaching out.

A fan named Kimlo39 wrote, "That lets you know Kirk has been a snake from jump street! As for Porsha, she is always looking thirsty and desperate! C'mon, the same day GEESH!!"

So, yeah, kind of an interesting chick.
EXCLUSIVE #TEAALERT!! #DaBrat dishes on #DishNation about what #LoveandHipHop star #KirkFrost did to get a date with her back in the day! 💵 💵
Anywaaayyyy, hope she sorts this out. It’s costing her quite a penny to not, right?

Maybe she can give Kirk a call?

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