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Comedian D.L. Hughley Details The Ways He’s Mistreated His Wife During Their Marriage On OWN's ‘Black Love’ — Watch

Comedian D.L. Hughley and his wife of more than three decades LaDonna have been through some tough times. But they are not afraid to open up and work through them. 

In a clip from the upcoming episode of OWN’s Black Love, the syndicated radio personality D.L. admits that he has plenty of faults.

“The way I grew up was, you had to take care of your family, you had beat the sun home and you had to make sure no [expletive] came to your house. And I was only successful with one of those. When people talk to me about being married, I know that I love her and I know that I’m in love with her and I know that I’ve done things that aren’t worthy of that.”

“And I don’t pretend as if they didn’t happen. I’ve cheated, I’ve been hard to deal with. I’ve said mean things, I’ve done mean things. I’ve never been physically abusive but I would say I’ve been emotionally and spiritually abusive, yes.”

Take a peek.

Late last year, he revealed that his secret son with his mistress was killed by the women’s boyfriend.

"I remember I got jammed up right," he told the hosts of Lip Service with Angela Yee. "So I had knocked this chick up, and she had the baby and the baby got killed by her boyfriend. It was a horrible, horrible experience."

"I had this baby I’m paying for, I’m a boy, I’m scared, I’m married, I’m just starting out my career."

He then went on to explain, "I get a call from my boy and he says, 'Your son is in the hospital.' And I go and they were Cape Verdean, she was from Cape Verde, so I go to the hospital and this boy was laying the bed and apparently, her boyfriend had shaken him, and damaged his brain."

Wow. Horrific. 

#RumorReport: #DLHughley tells a devastating story about losing a child (to a side chick) on @angelayee’s #LipService podcast...
"I knew one day I would be man enough to tell my woman what had happened. I was so [expletive] up. [...] So finally one day I tell my wife and do you know she told me, she said, 'I wish you would have told me so we could have gone through that together.'"

What an amazing reaction. 

"Years later we’re at the airport — remember when you used to be able to go through the airport, you didn’t have to have a ticket and you could meet your family, so one day I go and the girl is there and my wife meets me at the plane. I see her see us and I know she thinks she got me in a trick bag and I say, 'Baby, this is the girl I had the baby by,' and my wife said, 'I’m so sorry for your loss.'"

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"And I felt so small. Because I was a coward two ways. And it starts to change the way you see stuff. I think when you’re very young, I never felt bad about my inclinations, I have felt bad about the damage that it’s done to the people in my life and I don’t want to be the kind of guy that at the end of your life has broken a lot of people, children and women, and families, and I think a lot of guys feel like that."

The “Accountability” episode of the Black Love docu-series airs Saturday, May 26 at 10/9c on OWN.

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