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Cynthia Bailey officially dives off the deep end. Watch her a$$ get FIRED after pulling this stunt...

According to Love B Scott:

Cynthia Bailey Could Lose Her Peach and Get Demoted for Doing THIS...

Cynthia Bailey is facing possible demotion after it was reported she kicked Porsha Williams in the stomach during a confrontation on Monday.

via TMZ:

In the wake of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fight — where Cynthia kicked Porsha — production sources tell us show honchos are reviewing footage of the incident and weighing their options for discipline.

TMZ broke the story … Porsha and Cynthia got into it while shooting a scene on a boat — Porsha called Cynthia a bitch repeatedly … until CB snapped and unleashed a kick.

We’re told producers want to see just how bad (or good, for ratings) the fight was … and there’s a possibility Cynthia could be demoted to the dreaded ‘friend of the cast’ title — as opposed to full cast member. And yes, that would mean a cut in pay too.

As for why PW’s neck isn’t on the line? We’re told there’s no rule against antagonizing — hell, that’s the meat of the show — but getting physical crosses the line.

This is old hat for Porsha … who got bumped down after her epic Kenya Moore brawl. She’s hoping to earn a promotion this season.

Yikes. Well…fair is fair, right?

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