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‘LHH’ Star Cyn Santana Reveals A Huge Struggle With Motherhood That Might Bring Fans To Tears

Being a new mother can be extremely tough and trying, no matter if it’s your first child or first. 

Caring for a baby can be very next level difficult for a lot of women and it is really complicated after giving birth.

The pressure to be “the perfect mom” is real because if you get slip up for just a moment, the mommy-shamers on social media will pounce on any moment to make you look bad. 

So we always appreciate when celebrities speak up about this rather than glossing over it for the sake of their brand.

Reality star Cyn Santana gave birth to her son Lexington Budden back in December and with one look at her Instagram page, you would believe she’s taken well to motherhood. 

She consistently shares humorous videos of herself singing songs and joking around with her boyfriend of a few years now, rapper-turned-media-personality Joe Budden.
Whenever you mad just pick the nearest object up as a mic and start dancing to ya fave song! Audio is messed up. Getting my phone fixed tomorrow 😊✨✨
Cyn is beyond hilarious!

Me as a mom

As we get entrapped in our favorite celebrities lives on social media, we have to remember that we don’t know everything they are going thru. 

Santana is now talking about her issue with motherhood as she opens up about her quiet struggle with postpartum depression since having baby Lexington. 

While sharing a selfie of herself smiling, Cyn says the trick to get through it is to keep your faith and press forward. 

“Postpartum depression been trynna kick my [expletive] for a while,” she said. “But it’s all about putting one foot forward and keeping your faith strong 😊 shoutout to my Mami’s. U ARE MAGICAL as f[expletive]. U are not alone!!! I send u love and light.”

Postpartum depression been trynna kick my a[expletive] for a while. But it’s all about putting one foot forward and keeping your faith strong 😊 shoutout to my Mami’s. U ARE MAGICAL as f[expletive]. U are not alone!!! I send u love and light 🦄💞✨

Cyn is definitely not alone, coincidentally another high-profile Love & Hip Hop alumnus, recently opened up about her struggle with postpartum depression as well: Cardi B. 

The 25-year-old rap star gave birth to daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus, with husband Offset in early July.

The "I Like It" artist told her then 29 million followers that her PPD was working her nerves:

"This postpartum [ish] is annoying. Like I been emotional all [freaking] day for no reason (sic)."

Wondering what the exact definition of Postpartum depression?  According to the American Psychological Association (

“It’s common for women to experience the 'baby blues' — feeling stressed, sad, anxious, lonely, tired or weepy — following their baby’s birth. But some women, up to one in seven, experience a much more serious mood disorder — postpartum depression. (Postpartum psychosis, a condition that may involve psychotic symptoms like delusions or hallucinations, is a different disorder and is very rare.)

Unlike the baby blues, PPD doesn’t go away on its own. It can appear days or even months after delivering a baby; it can last for many weeks or months if left untreated. PPD can make it hard for you to get through the day, and it can affect your ability to take care of your baby, or yourself. PPD can affect any woman — women with easy pregnancies or problem pregnancies, first-time mothers and mothers with one or more children, women who are married and women who are not, and regardless of income, age, race or ethnicity, culture or education.”

Ummmmm I want sleep and he does not 😫

Here are some tips to help with the postpartum depression: Get plenty of rest; have a trusting friend or relative help you with the baby; and be open to seeking help from a licensed mental health provider who can help you in the healing process.

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