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‘Power’ Show Creator Courtney Kemp Reveals Major Spoiler For Next Season & The Internet Is Big Mad

***Note, you are entering SPOILER ALERT territory so stop here if you haven’t watched the last episode yet***

Is AUSA Angela Valdez actually dead on Power?

That’s what many fans of the hit Starz program have been asking this week.

After all, it’s that rare show where it’s assumed major characters can be killed off at any time. We’re still recovering from 50 Cent’s character Kanan Stark unexpectedly dying (in a very Kanan way).

On the season 5 finale, Valdez ended up taking a bullet to the chest after Tommy tried to take out Ghost before the closing credits came on.

After witnessing the controversial moment, Power aficionados went into heavy debate on social media about whether she was actually dead or set to survive and be an active part of season 6.

While 99.9% of shows would leave the audience waiting until the next season to reveal the results of major cliffhangers, show creator Courtney Kemp has decided to let everyone sleep easy at night and reveal Angela’s fate.

Are you sure you're ready? (Never mind, you did come this far right?)

To kill the debate on social media, Courtney tells Entertainment Weekly that Angela is not dead.

She said, “No. I knew that this was going to be the last season for Kanan, for sure. But I didn’t, in terms of the Angela thing, Angela’s not dead. She’s just shot. And so, yeah, we knew some big stuff was going to happen, for sure.”

And if that wasn’t enough, Kemp also reiterated this on Instagram as she told everybody to "Stop the debates" because “Angela Is Not  Dead.”
Stop the debates. #tunein #season6 #powertv

Many fans of the show are upset at the reveal for two reasons: 1.) People want Angela Valdez character offed for good 2.) People are furious that Courtney would kill the suspense and ruin a surprise for season 6 opening episode. 

Whether you’re for or against the Valdez character living, Angela's survival makes things even more exciting as we know that since she saw Tommy shoot her, the options are endless for what can happen next.

What do you think of Courtney Kemp’s approach here?

Do you think she should have revealed this information about Anglea Valdez or should she just have left it up for our own interpretation for Season 6?

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