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Report: Chris Bosh’s Mom Arrested For Allegedly Exploiting Disabled Roommate In Dallas Drug Trafficking Operation

The mother of former Miami Heat star Chris Bosh has been charged with exploitation of a disabled person. Freida Bosh was arrested on Tuesday for using the disabled man for money and forcing him to sell drugs.

DeSoto police obtained arrest warrants for Frieda and Johnathan Brown on Monday. Brown previously lived with Frieda  at 902 St. George Place in DeSoto, which was raided by police on December 8 for suspected drug distribution activity. Authorities believe cocaine and heroin were being trafficked from the home. 

According to a warrant, Frieda, 58, and a previous tenant were using the disabled man who also lived in the home for "monetary profit, personal benefit, and gain."

Bosh and Brown were arrested on charges of exploitation of a disabled person, which is a third-degree felony. Bosh posted bond and was released. Brown remained in custody as of Tuesday.

The warrant states the disabled man, who has not been named, was delivering drugs. He was reportedly scared of what would happen if he refused to deal drugs for Bosh and Brown. 

DeSoto police said Bosh and Brown allowed the disabled victim to stay at the residence for the "purpose of monetary profit, personal benefit and gain."

"The affidavit states that Bosh ordered the victim to relinquish a large portion of his monthly disability check to her to pay rent for the victim and Brown," police said in a statement. "The affidavit further advises the victim, who was intimidated by Brown, was then forced to participate in Brown's drug distribution activities."

DeSoto police said Bosh allowed the situation of exploitation and illegal distribution of drugs to continue as a means to acquire free narcotics and marijuana from Brown.

If found guilty, Bosh could face 2-10 years in state prison for these charges that are labeled as a third-degree felony in Texas.

Freida and her NBA All-Star son have been estranged for five years, after he attempted to evict her from the home in 2012. 

Bosh's mother spoke to TMZ after the initial drug raid, stating she was being forced out of the home they 'built together'.

Freida stated, "No, that is not true! What happened was my son [Chris Bosh] is evicting me… Chris Bosh gave me this home 10 years ago. I guess three months ago he tried to evict me. Chris Bosh built a home for me in DeSoto. And, I got a letter he’s evicting me. As a result, I had to take in some co-tenants to pay the attorney fee. And, I took the co-tenants in and they had moved out. I was laying in my bed and I just hear glass breaking and in every direction."

In the same interview, she denied the allegations of drug trafficking.

The athlete has remained quiet on his reasons for trying to evict his mother. He won his case for his mother's eviction in October. However, she appealed the decision, and won. The house, worth $330,000, was purchased in 2004 by Chris.

Chris also filed to revoke his mother's power of attorney, which gave her the ability to purchase homes and cars on behalf of the star, who is worth millions.

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