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Charrisse Jordan Calls Out ‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’ Co-Star Monique Samuels

The “Real Housewives of Potomac” drama is just boiling up these days. Candiace Dillard and Charrisse Jordan got into quite a tiff on the latest episode.

Well, Charrisse gave it a watch and has some thoughts for Monique Samuels, which she splashed out via her Bravo blog.

To recap, Candiace insists she was upset with Charrisse for asking her if her mother paid for Candiace’s engagement ring; she thought it was a funny quip. But Monique told Candiace it was nasty shade and that Charrisse needed to be checked.

"When I asked Candiace Dillard if her mom paid for her ring, I meant it in jest. It’s bizarre she would read it any other way! She’s was the one who acknowledged that her mother supports her at 30 years of age, and we were just talking about how Gizelle Bryant inquired about how her mother helps her out. I had a WWGD moment (What Would Gizelle Do =-)). It was all fun and games, and I think Candiace understood that until Messy Monique Samuels and Arousing Ashley Darby decided to egg her on."

"Messy Monique Samuels" and "Arousing Ashley Darby" is just golden. No?

"I had no idea how upset Candiace was. I guess she has some sort of delayed reaction disorder because she didn’t realize she was supposed to be mad until her puppet master Monique pulled on her strings days later. Her uproarious behavior was totally uncalled for and juvenile. But again, I understand how schoolgirls chatter. Looking back on the episode it was evident she was provoked and felt like she had to prove to the Down-low Dirty Duo that she had a backbone."

Well, dang.

Ashley apparently believes that Monique’s recent car accident was caused by Monique supposedly downing four drinks before driving off.

(Monique denies this, claiming that she only had two and that she fell asleep while at the wheel because of her crazy home life.)

Gizelle Bryant also noted that Monique essentially finished off a bottle of wine by herself on the way to the resort.

Monique then jumped over to Twitter to accuse Ashley of spinning tall tales.

Ashley soon posted a response on Instagram...

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sunday nights at 8/7pm CST on the Bravo network.

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