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Monique Samuels Reacts To Charrisse Jordan "Exposing" Her Online; Shades Rest Of ‘RHOP’ Cast

Stars Monique Samuels and Charrisse Jackson Jordan’s friendship has been tested on the current season. A lot, actually.

While the duo were able to sit down and hash out their issues, from the looks of recent blogs and social media comments, they may never be pals ever again.

Charrisse has expressed that she feels like Monique only befriended her for her connections around town.

Uh, yeah?

The ex-buddies discussed this on the most recent episode and agreed that it was just a misunderstanding, after Monique broke down crying. 

But Charrisse made it ultra-clear in her Bravo blog that she feels Monique pulled the wool over her eyes.

Upon being asked if she had any idea that Monique was clueless as to why she was upset, she said, “Monique is a very smart woman. Don’t let that rough around the edges fool you. In fact, one of the things I admired the most about Monique is her vast intellect in various areas. I’ve also learned that she can be very calculating.”

“She knows exactly what she is doing but portrays a sense of naiveness to camouflage her deceitful tactics. She knew exactly why I was upset but played on my emotional side to skirt through the issue. She played me!”

As for watching Monique break down and say that she was the only one she wouldn’t want to fight with…

“It looks believable. I fell for it. How could you not? She is a great actress that has missed her calling. However, the truth always comes to light. Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice….. NOPE! I won’t be fooled again!”

That…is pretty cut and dry.

Interestingly enough, Monique seems to be chiming in about this online too.

I’m way too happy to be bothered... I’m full of life... LITERALLY 🤣😆🙌🏾 #RHOP #moniquesamuels #realhousewivesofpotomac #blessed #partyofFive #unbothered

She even told a fan on the Tea of Potomac Instagram fan page that she doesn’t have to make nice with anyone on RHOP…

The Fan (@Papaimamillionaire) wrote, “@mrsmoniquesamuels you’re doing yourself a disservice with these social media responses. Pretty soon you will not have any allies and you’ll be off the show. As the saying goes, ‘Don’t bite the hand…’ Play chess, not checkers.”)

Monique responded, saying, “Unlike some, I don’t need the show. I’m good.”

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays (8 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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