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Man Convicted For Reportedly Selling 16-Year-Old Girl He Found On To Pimp For $250 Before She Was Murdered

A Chicago 16-year-old has been brutally murdered by a man, after she was sex trafficked to a pimp who placed prostitution ads for her on 


Now, the man who introduced her to the pimp has pleaded guilty to federal sex trafficking charges.

26-year-old Charles McFee claimed he met Desiree Robinson on Facebook; the pair developed a sexual relationship. At some point, he introduced the teen to an alleged pimp, Joseph Hazley, CBS 2 reported.

In exchange for recruiting Desiree, McFee says he was promised a $250 finder’s fee from Hazley.

But McFee says he was never paid that amount. Um, boo hoo?

According to McFee, Hazley claimed the girl was costing him too much in makeup, clothes and gasoline, which was needed to drive her to meetings with customers.

He also said Robinson was not making enough to offset the costs, Fox 32 Chicago reported.

After McFee took the teen to Hazley, he stated that he watched the alleged pimp take pictures of her and posted them to an online sex ad.

Hazley allegedly took Robinson to a suburban Chicago home to have sex with Antonio Rosales, who is accused of beating the teen, slitting her throat and leaving her in a garage, where she was found on December 24th, 2016, the Chicago Sun-Times says.

Rosales is awaiting trial.

Under the plea deal, prosecutors recommended McFee receive a 7 1/2-year prison sentence in exchange for testifying against Hazley.

“He felt badly about this,” McFee’s attorney Christopher Graul said outside the courtroom. “No one wants to pick up a 16-year-old girl and have her killed.”

So many comments there.

While in court, McFee broke down in tears, as prosecutors described how he took Robinson to the pimp’s home.

Rest in peace, Desiree Robinson.


Sending our love and prayers to her friends and family (who are suing, accusing the site of being partially responsible for her murder). Cannot even imagine how they feel. Hope they get the justice they deserve.

This story reminds us a bit of another horrid recent case, in which a man beat and then stabbed a teenage prostitute to death as she begged for her life, after they got into an argument over the price of sex.

29-year-old John Gillum walked into a police station to confess to the murder the following day.  

He had told investigators he met 19-year-old Morgan Huennekens "a few days ago" and they exchanged phone numbers. They began sending messages about her "having sex for money." 

She met him at his home on March 3rd, but, according to the suspect, the teen threatened to leave after they had an argument over payment. Things then took a super grisly turn. 

Just tragic...

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