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Jackie Christie Is Furious With Daughter Chantel Christie For Speaking To Evelyn Lozada Amid Their Ongoing Feud

Jackie Christie is one intense woman.

And, yes, she is still bickering with Evelyn Lozada, it seems.

“You have to remember she stepped into my family business." Jackie once declared. "It’s an atomic bomb waiting to blow.”

Jackie's estranged daughter, Takari Lee, had claimed that her mother refused to help her own grandchild (who was badly burned in a daycare accident) pay their medical bills. Takari eventually set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for her child's treatment. 

Both Matt Barnes and Evelyn made a donation of $3,500, which upset Jackie.

Evelyn and Takari ended up striking up a friendship, which ruffled even more feathers.

At one point, Jackie declared, "I'mma [expletive] her in the neck with this [expletive]". Oh and "just keep that [expletive] out of my presence, I’m serious. Or it’s going to be a homicide. I will kill her."

Lots of other nonsense too.

Anyway, the feud is still simmering.

After Chantel Christie tries to make peace between the two, Jackie is left feeling betrayed.

On the season premiere of Basketball Wives, Jackie tells Malaysia that she is heartbroken over the situation with her and Takari and that it isn’t getting any better.

Later on in the show, the reality star spots Evelyn at a New Orleans-themed party and doesn’t speak to her.

Chantel decides to try to play peacemaker by going to chat the mother of two. That is…brave. 

She explains that she wants to two of them to at least be cordial with one another. While Evelyn doesn’t offer up a hard answer, Jackie is mad that Chanel made this move at all.

“We should go because I’m really pissed off right now. You’re picking her side and that bothers me.”

The mother and daughter ended up leaving the party together.

Long ago, Takari called her mother out on social media, tweeting, "But nobody found out about your grandsons injuries until a month after it happened... U were informed by your informant immediately after."

"Your response to tmz and the world was a month after his injuries ... So before the world found out u knew and did what u felt was right."

"Besides @EvelynLozada did u check the very many other names that helped... We were just as much a stranger to them as we are to u.. #stopit."

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