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Bow Wow's Baby Mama Joie Chavis Shares Adorable Ultrasound Video Of Unborn Baby With Future

We are still cackling over Future's quip from the other day, to be completely honest with you (we’ll remind you shortly).

The mother-of-his-next-baby (reportedly) Joie Chavis seems super excited to be carrying the rapper's unborn child and, uh, she sure isn’t shy about spreading her happiness all over. So take that, Brittni Mealy!

She has flaunting her baby bump in photos and even in a viral dance video and now she’s showing fans her ultrasound video.

And the feedback for the ultrasound has been amazing. 

"Awwww that yawn just made my ovaries jump!! 💙💝💙💝"

"Greatest feeling in the world 🎈"

"So cool, the creations and strength of our good Lord! 🙏🏽"

Check it the ultrasound, below: 

Constantly reminded that I’m never alone ❤️❤️ i just love you! #womenaremagical
Very cute.

Previously, Joie and Future casually dated, although he claims in recent posts he’s been single for four years. That message doesn't seem to bother Joie who says she’s “constantly reminded” that she is "never" alone. Joie already has a seven-year-old daughter Shai with  Bow Wow. 

"She not wife material. Can’t u tell," Future recently tweeted."I been SINGLE for like 4yrs. DATS KRAZY".

Um, the reaction to this was utterly superb.

Our personal favorite just might be; "Future has 65 kids by 60 different women and has the nerve to say someone isn’t wife material... I admire his confidence.  #Sensational". Haha.

Not too long ago, Joie publicly destroyed Future online.

She wrote, "Despite the fact that I've been terribly sick this pregnancy, overall I'm happy, healthy, getting my energy back and I really appreciate the outpour of love and support from those who reached out to me."

"On another note, what in the Ghetto! Lol please keep the negative energy off my page and leave those clowns to their circus. I'm going to continue to take the high road and fly high. High enough to [expletive] on a wig or two. Ha just kidding guys. Be blessed."

She then quoted a line from an Instagram model that called Future out for allegedly trying to hook up with her. saying, "And please don't pity me. I'm good luv, enjoy."

Oop! #JoieChavis has a message for anybody that has something negative to say. Sis says she’s good love, enjoy 💅🏽👀

There was then some nonsense about Joie supposedly trashing Future's other baby mamas to a blogger.

***CLICK THE LINK IN THE BIO TO READ THE REST OF HER DM’S****Bow Wow's daughter's mother (and Future's most recent baby mama) Joie Chavis, has been DMing a Blogger on IG for months. She was the one that initially revealed herself to said blogger as being Future's newest harem member. She agreed to work with the blogger. She would send them exclusive pictures, dms of Future and her and in return she would be posted in good light. The blogger has now exposed her scheming ways. The following are their dms in which she admits she planned the child and that Future's children are 'mistakes'.

"It's so disheartening, and even more frustrating that I constantly have to defend myself when I honestly don't want to say anything and let ya'll believe what you want like I usually do," she responded, hinting that  someone made up an account and pretended to be her, before adding: "I'm baffled."

If Joie is indeed actually expecting a kid with Future, this will make the fifth child for the Atlanta rapper. It would also be the second time that Future knocked up one of Bow Wow's exes, as he also has a son with his former fiancée, singer Ciara...who previously dated Bow Wow. 

Oh baby! ❤️ you know we had to do it for the kids 🎉 #happybirthdayvanna
Anyway, glad that Joie doesn't seem to be letting all of the drama get to her.

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