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Watch: 'Black Ink Crew' Star Sky's Estranged Son Genesis Confronts Ceaser + Genesis Compliments Dutchess For Her Assistance

The highlight of newest episode of “Black Ink Crew” is evidently centered on Ceaser and Genesis meeting, amidst Genesis’ beef with his estranged mother Sky.

When Ceaser walks into the restaurant, he attempts to shake Genesis’ hand. Nope. Genesis merely gives Ceaser a look, only offering up a pound.

Ceaser then says to Genesis, “It feels like I’m looking at ya mom’s right now.”

Genesis apparently takes this as an insult.

“Nah. It feels like you’re looking at Genesis, man”.

Hahaha. That’s clever.

Next, Ceaser tries to explain Sky’s thought process, saying, “Her anger gets her into a lot of [expletive] sometimes.”

“All I’m trying to do is figure out some type of resolution, because there’s one story, there’s another story, and then there’s the truth.”

In his green screen interview, Ceaser insists that Genesis sized him up. And…that reminds him of Sky.

“I can see a lot of Sky in this [expletive]! He look like if I say one wrong word, he ready to pounce on me!”  

When Ceaser tells Genesis he wants to make amends between him and Sky, Genesis notes, “You’re not the one I need to talk to for that.”
Then, Genesis shuts down Ceaser’s attempt to build a bond, as he doesn’t think Ceaser’s being real with him.

“I don’t know you. I don’t want to build no relationship with you.” 

Genesis then switched gears. asks Ceaser if he would give his daughter up for adoption.

Ceaser says no.

Last, but not least, Genesis moves the table aside from between them and Ceaser looks even less at ease.

Peep the clip.

Oh, but Genesis is all about Dutchess these days. Recently, Genesis gave her a compliment on Instagram. So, shove it, Ceaser?

He doesn’t care that people are on Sky’s side in everything, claiming that he and Dutchess know the truth. 

Many tried to step up to Dutchess, feeling that Dutchess had it in for Sky and “Black Ink Crew” when she allowed Genesis and Big Reez use her shop for their interview. 

Not the case, she claims. She said that if she actually had “malice” towards anyone, it would not have even happened.

Plus, she ripped into people who believe the “lies” about her and Genesis, saying that saying they are only fed and entertained by ignorance.

Was Ceaser wrong for arranging a meeting with Sky's son against her wishes?

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