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After Diddy Declares His Love For Ex Cassie, Cassie Then Goes Public With Her New Boyfriend — Photo

Welp… It looks these two will NOT be getting back together any time soon!

Back in October, it was confirmed that Cassie and Diddy had wrapped up their 11-year-relationship. 

Her rep told lovebscott,“They are indeed no longer together and haven’t been for months” and "the decision was amicable and they remain friends."

While the Internet mourned the breakup of Diddy and Cassie, lovebscott reported the music mogul had already moved to the next woman — 26-year-old model named Jocelyn Chew.

Shortly after Kim Porter's death, Cassie was seen with Diddy, which sparked rumors of a reconciliation.  It seems as though Cassie was just there for moral support because she hasn't been seen with Mr. Combs since.

And then we go confirmation of them not reuniting after the music mogul tried to shoot his shot and let everyone know that he was yearning for that old thang back…
#Diddy showing love to his ex boo #Cassie

Diddy got in his feelings and shared a black-and-white picture on his Instagram story showing Cassie enjoying a bubble bath with a red heart emoji placed in the center of the photo.

Unfortunately for the 49-year-old, his 32-year-old former bae doesn’t share the same feelings. 

Cassie went the savage route and shared a photobooth photo that featured her and an unknown man locking lips as well as her mother!

Oh... #Cassie lip lockin’ with a new guy 👀👀

According to TMZ, the mystery man in Cassie's photo fitness and health instructor named Alex Fine. (That's his real name.) He's also reportedly a bull rider.

Well, you know what they say, when a woman's fed up.


Previous story by Elliah Dash-Stell (10/29/2018 at 10:09 am CT):

Um, hold on.

On October 17th, it was confirmed that Cassie and Diddy had wrapped up their 11-year-relationship. Her rep told lovebscott,“They are indeed no longer together and haven’t been for months” and "the decision was amicable and they remain friends."

Well, it is certainly a complicated situation, as the music mogul seems to have already moved on with a 26-year-old model named Jocelyn Chew. But does Diddy want Cassie back? Because he is throwing love and attention at her over on Instagram, apparently. 

In a recently-posted black and white clip, the 32-year-old is seen sitting on the ground wearing jeans and a white tank top, looking forlorn—while one of her new (reported) tracks plays in the background.

The stunning model/singer hinted that she has turned to alcohol to deal with her pain and heartache because the caption of the clip read: “#hungover.”


Well, Diddy commented, “Love you forever.”

He later posted an even more specific message, writing, “If anyone sees @cassie this weekend please tell her to listen to this song 100 times! ❤️ LOVE.”

#Diddy recently posted this to #Cassie in the midst of their break up 👀 uh oh...looks like he wants that old thing back already 👀 #streetz945atl #middayswithjazzymcbee #miss10to2 @jazzymcbee

Does this mean that Cassie won’t end up badmouthing her ex in an upcoming interview then? Eh.

“Cassie is definitely stinging, all of her friends warned her that Sean was a player but she wouldn’t listen. She fell for all of his promises, and she can’t help feeling played. Cassie gave over eleven years of her life to Sean, and she believed him when he said he had changed and that he was ready to settle down with her and finally get married, but he wasn’t,” an insider told Hollywood Life.

“Cassie’s emotions are all the place right now, one minute she’s angry, the next minute she’s heartbroken. She’s an emotional wreck truth be told, and she doesn’t trust herself what to feel, or how to be right now. Sean insists he isn’t hooking up with Jocelyn, but Cassie’s gut instinct tells her that he’s lying. She knows him, and she knows deep down that he’s gaslighting her. She believes he’s spent the past ten plus years gas slighting her and leading her on, and she’s pissed.”

“The thing that she’s most pissed about though is the fact that she’s now 32 and single and has to start looking for a future baby daddy. Sean knew Cassie wants a baby, and he promised her they would have one together, but that’s yet one more thing that never materialized. She believes he has a lot to answer for, not just Jocelyn.”

"Cassie is done with Diddy. But he's done with her too. He took her best years, and she's upset. She always thought they would be together forever,” a source had already explained. "Diddy really has Cassie out here looking bad, with these thots. Well she's going to hit that [expletive] back hard”.

So, are you crossing your fingers that Diddy and Cassie work it out and end up back together? Or is it time for both of them to cut their losses and move on?

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