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Cardi B Admits Migos Rapper Offset Cheated On Her After iCloud Hack Reveals The Receipts

There were rumors swirling over the Christmas holidays that Migos rapper, Offset, had cheated on Cardi B. Offset's iCloud account was hacked and he was shown in a video with a naked woman in his hotel room. 

The "Bodak Yellow" rapper confirmed the "Bad and Boujee" artist cheated, but they appear to still be together.

The leaked video reported shows a naked woman in a hotel bathroom, while Offset is filming her. The video was reportedly taken back in September, just before Offset and Cardi got engaged in late October. 

It's not clear if Cardi knew about the incriminating video of Offset and the unidentified woman before it was leaked. Some media outlets suggest that Cardi did find out her man had cheated before the iCloud hack, which is why she stated she was 'single' on social media earlier in October.

The couple are reportedly still together, after becoming engaged on October 27. Cardi appeared to confirm they are still together after he cheated on her. 

She tweeted on Christmas Day, "I still put the [expletive] on offset Bartier Cardi."

Cardi may be acting out following the hack and video of Offset cheating, by deciding to follow her ex-boyfriend on social media.

Peep the Plot 👀 @offsetyrn

Fans of the rapper will recall she previously dated Tommy during her time on "Love & Hip Hop" while he was incarcerated. They split and she began dating Offset. However, Tommy was released from prison and back to his rap career. 

Cardi posted a message on social media shortly after the news of Offset being hacked was released, which read, "I still think about you."

It's interesting to note that Cardi started following Tommy on Instagram right after she posted the message.  

Cardi also found herself in the spotlight over the weekend when a video leaked, where she is shown dancing naked. There are rumors that the clip could be part of a sex tape. 

Thankful for you 😍❤️ @offsetyrn True 👑👑👑

The female emcee doesn't appear to be bothered by the leaked nude video. She reminded everyone she is a former stripper in one tweet.

She wrote, "People keep posting the nude videos of me like if i wasn’t a stripper before You know there’s videos of me stripping with my [expletive] & [expletive] out on YouTube already right? anyways i know i know i got a nice body right."

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