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Cardi B Unleashed A Mouthful As She Calls Out Nicki Minaj’s ‘Barbz’ Army & They Aren't Here For It — Video

We were expecting to hear some new music from Cardi B by the end of the week, but due to some unfortunate circumstances… her song was preemptively dropped on Tuesday (October 23)

As explained during an Instagram live stream, Bardi was the victim of a leak when "Money" prematurely made its way onto the internet.

Cardi took a time out to get some feelings off her chest as she thinks the song was leaked by somebody at one of the streaming services who got their hands on it.

Oh and she had some choice words for her rap rival’s Nicki Minaj diehard fans (The Barbz) too.

“They always posting me, they always post everything I do, you know what I’m saying,” she said on her Instagram Live, explaining that she thinks all the “hate” she receives is actually love in disguise.

Hm? She believes their “obsessive” social media tracking of her every move and dedication to respond to Cardi’s latest drop is telling. 

"We tried to retract [the song] but you know... the Barbs. They always posting me. They always post everything I do. They claim they hate me but they really love me because they be on my page before my fans. Everything that I do, they be on it before my fans so clearly, that seems like love to me."

Cardi is convinced that the Barbie barrage is more of an indication of their adoration for her than adversity. She has already name-dropped the Barbz on her IG Live, she added, so it was no sense in “retracting” her statements, which she was sure that they would take and run with.

“I’m sick and tired of [expletive] lying about it,” Cardi noted. “About certain [expletive]. They seem like my biggest [expletive] fans. Always on my [expletive] page. Always doing the most. Always on my nuts. Seem like you my fan!”

While Cardi isn’t blaming the Barbz for attempting to stop the Bardi bag by leaking “Money” before its scheduled release date, the fact that they were quick to spread it around social media forced their hand on releasing it early.

They…did not appreciate this and pushed back in full force, arguably attacking Cardi all over the place.

To be fair, some have pointed out that Cardi’s supporters tend to direct the same love-hate energy she described to Nicki too. So, perhaps it is a two-way street?

“I love my babies. *hugs & kisses you* thank you for all you do. 🦄,” Nicki recently wrote on Twitter. 

Will these two ever bury the hatchet? Eh. Ever since they ended up getting into a physical altercation at NYFW, they have been tossing insults and allegations back and forth pretty regularly, so we really kind of doubt it.

Anyway, do you think Cardi has a point? Or are Nicki’s “babies” just doing their best to defend their icon’s honor?

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