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Cardi B Has One Non-Negotiable Demand About Her Upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Performance

With Super Bowl LIII taking place in Atlanta next February, the NFL had a chance to try to build a bridge to the black community, especially with how they handled the Take-A-Knee Protest, Colin Kaepernick being black balled, etc. 

I say "had" because the NFL has once again gotten it wrong. Given the culture’s impact on the National Football League, it would have been safe to assume that the Pepsi ‘s halftime show would feature an act from Atlanta’s music scene. 

Nope, the NFL instead chose legendary pop-rock band Maroon 5 for the iconic mid-Super Bowl performance spot. 

With artists like Travis Scott and Cardi B on the shortlist for guest performers, new reports reveal that Cardi B is the frontrunner as she’s featured on the Maroon 5 hit song, “Girls Like You.” 

What we’ve come to understand is Cardi has a demand of her own to be a part of the performance. 

Various sources are reporting that after an extensive maternity leave, the Bronx Femcee won’t perform unless she’s given a solo set.  

According to TMZ, Bardi is receiving various offers to perform around the same time as the Super Bowl, so naturally, she wants to proceed with the best offer.

Last week, Waka Flocka (among other famed ATL-bred artists) called out the NFL for their Maroon 5 pick, voicing the concerns of the Hip-Hop community. 

“It’s not fair, but it’s the NFL we talkin’ about, they not fair,” Waka told TMZ

According to the ATL rapper, since the league is coming to the “blackest state in America,” the least they could do is allows a black artist perform to demonstrate the community’s progress, especially after their lack of support surrounding the Kaepernick-led “Take A Knee” movement.

In our opinion, he told no lies there...

While Cardi isn’t a Atlanta Music scene native, the Atlanta-transplant is a step in the right direction for the culture. 

As of press time, the NFL, Cardi B nor Maroon 5 has addressed the claims. In the mean time, the “I Like It” rapper has other things to celebrate. 

Cardi became the “first rapper with three Hot 100 #1 Singles” as the Maroon 5 song she’s featured on “Girls Like You” just reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and has been charting for 17 weeks. 

Cardi took to Instagram to celebrate and thank fans for making her the first female rapper with three Billboard #1s.


While we await official word on the Pepsi Halftime show during the Super Bowl, Cardi is continuing to make history and definitely deserves that guest performance spot AND that solo guest spot.  

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