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Cardi B Has A Message For The iCloud Hacker Who Leaked Her Nude Videos And Offset’s Cheating Video

Sometimes we question the way that some decide to ration out their anger when it comes to public scandals.

Cardi B isn’t concerned today. She has some words for the hackers who posted those videos though. 

Not sure if you’re up to speed, but Offset's iCloud account was hacked and now everyone is talking about the fact that there is a clip of him in a hotel room with a naked woman floating around.

Insiders dished that the cheating actually did happen back in September, but Cardi and Offset managed to work it out. They are still an item and are still planning on walking down the aisle.

Her attorney, Scott Mason, told TMZ that all the data was obtained in an illegal manner; there is an investigation going on, in a quest to find the criminals.
Peep the Plot 👀 @offsetyrn
Anyway, the pair isn’t all that bothered by this whole incident?

They recently posted a fake sex tape on Instagram Stories as a joke.

Cardi responded to it-is-too-raunchy-related backlash, explaining, "I was fully clothes on live. I was not [expletive] on live. Yaaa can't be that slow."

On and those leaked videos of her dancing nude?

"People keep posting the nude videos of me like if I wasn't a stripper before. You know there's videos of me stripping with my [expletive] and [expletive] out on YouTube already right?" 

She is really growing on us.

"Anyways I know I know I got a nice body right.”

If i wear a leotard with boots ,I’m dress like a [expletive] .If i dress like this ,I’m not being myself .Being myself is FASHION😎

Offset previously admitted to having a secret son. He did so just days before he popped the question to Cardi. 

Apparently, the mother of this kid (he has a few) is a woman named Justine Watson; she filed documents in August to establish paternity and child support for her 7-year-old son, Jordan. In her filing, she claimed he was the father, though he had never taken a paternity test.

He responded to this by insisting that he has provided for Jordan since birth and already stated that he wants joint legal and physical custody of Jordan. He’s also requesting to have the child's last name legally changed to his own. He has agreed to pay child support, as well as provide health insurance and medical expenses for the boy.

Yeah, so that was TOO scandalous.

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