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Cardi B Pulls Out The Receipts On Chicago Rapper Claiming He Slept With Her Amid Offset's Cheating Scandal

Don’t Lie on Cardi B, y’all! 

Cardi B has had it with the rumors, after King Yella tried to cause additional problems in her strained relationship with Offset. Yella claimed he had sex with the former "Love & Hip Hop: New York" star and was rubbing that fact in Offset's face. Cardi has now responded and came with receipts!

Cardi has been dealing with the heartbreak of her fiance cheating on her multiple times, before rapper King Yella decided to bring on more drama.

Yella has been posting photos of himself with Cardi and claiming they had a sexual relationship. He was obviously trying to make Offset jealous and his plan worked!

Offset may be guilty of being a cheater, but he was still upset and ready to fight Yella over his comments.

Yella has been sharing photos to Instagram, where he is posing with Cardi in order to rile up her fiance. He also posted a video of a Facetime call he had with Offset, where the Migos rapper was wanting to fight him.
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Cardi grew tired of Yella's comments and is now calling him out. She claims he is lying about having sex with her, saying he is simply her ex Tommy's brother's friend.

One fan blasted Cardi's fiance, Offset, for wanting to fight King Yella when the "Bodak Yellow" certainly wasn't a virgin before dating the Migos rapper. 

Cardi responded by writing, "I wasn't but I deff never [expletive] him. He was my ex fiance homie. I used to be cool and show love due to my ex."

One confused follower wondered if she had split from Offset. The fan asked, "Cardi what do you mean? Are you still engaged?

The rapper responded, "I was engaged b4 Offset wit [sic]somebody...Clearly you don't me like that lil [expletive]."

Another Twitter user commented that people should take Cardi's situation as a lesson to be cautious about who you hook-up with.

Cardi responded by tweeting, "I never [expletive] that [expletive], never flirted never nothing. I was cool with him cause of my ex fiance. Everytime I went to Chicago and he popped out my ex fiance brother used to be wit us. Clearly [expletive] cloud chasing. Don't ever get it twisted."

Cardi followed that up with a photo of herself with her former fiance, Tommy Geez, posing with Yella.

Cardi also shared her direct messages with Yella, where he asked for her help because he didn't have many Instagram followers. 

Cardi recently addressed rumors that Offset had cheated on her and fans slammed her for standing by her man.

A fan had tweeted, "Poor Cardi. She just like y'all."

She responded by writing, "Well if people are talking about it and keep asking me how I feel about the situation why not let them know? Right or wrong? No it's not right for a [expletive] to cheat...But what you want me to do? Go [expletive] me another [expletive]? Start all over again and get cheated on again? This [expletive] happens to everyone and I be too. You too...People handle they relationship different soo..."[sic]

The emcee clapped back at a fan saying she was a role model, tweeting, "Why do people look up to me for ?why are people expecting me to have a perfect life ? I’m not perfect ?Neither is my life stop looking for other people life to look up too."

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