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Cardi B Has A Message For Everyone On the Internet Judging Her For Staying With Cheating Fiancé Offset

Poor Cardi B! 

Hip hop’s biggest Female Femcee (not named Nicki Minaj) has been getting a lot of grief from fans (and haters) who all want her to dump her cheating fiancé. 

But for the “Bodak Yellow” rapper, enough is enough.

Cardi B popped onto Instagram to bite back against all the comments about her seemingly deciding to stick by Offset’s side, despite scandalous sex tapes (yup, multiple) and secret love children.

“Same [expletive] that be talkin [expletive] in my comments, be the same [expletive] that be screaming in the club, [expletive] him then I get some money.'” 

The last line has become popular in recent months as Cardi B says it in the popular G-Eazy song "No Limit"

See the Post below: 

An insider recently told that the rapper “has major anxiety as she faces an extremely tense and sensitive point in her relationship with Offset. The stakes are high for Cardi because she knows whatever she decides to do next — forgive or dump Offset — will have a major impact on her life.”

As for those dirty clips of her fiancée reportedly messing around, Cardi has insisted that they were made before she came along.

“When he did it again when the last two videos was before me? [Dummy],” she tweeted.
@julieadenuga x @iamcardib Album plans, breaking records and clapping back at the haters.

A commenter on Instagram recently suggested that “she played herself” for publicly defending her relationship and Cardi wasn't in the mood.

“No, it’s not right for a [expletive] to cheat…But what you want me to do?” she wrote.

“Go [expletive] me another [expletive]? Start all over again and get cheated on again? This ish happens to everyone and I be too, you too…People handle they relationship different soo.”

She also tweeted (and then deleted), “I’m going to make a decision in my own times with my heart and mind [...] I don’t need to be rushed or be told what to do .Its my life !I belong to me not to the world.”

A source also recently spoke up about the situation

"Cardi wants to believe that her man has been loyal and faithful but she is uncertain. While her heart is telling her to love and forgive Offset, her mind can’t get over the possible cheating. Cardi is struggling and she is not sure if they will get married or if their relationship will even survive." 

Guess she has made up her mind though...

We did have a good laugh at another tweet of hers; "These [expletive] sleeping on their own girlfriends 😂 like [expletive] do you know what you have?"

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