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Cardi B Responds To Suggestions That She's Delaying Her Debut Album Because She's Afraid Of Nicki Minaj

Cardi B recently slammed those who accused her of holding off the release of her LP, denying that she is waiting for rumored rival Nicki Minaj to drop new music first because when it comes to Cardi vs Nicki "there can only be one" narrative is alive and well to some many.

In the comment section of the Pop Crave Instagram page , one person wrote, “She waiting for Nicki.”

Cardi wasn’t in the mood to let this slide. She snapped back, writing, “Waiting for what? What is that going to do for me”. She then went on to reveal that she has been hard at work and plans on releasing her work “very very soon.”


Cardi was expected to drop her first album back in October 2017. But, a month prior to the release date, the rapper hinted she was NOT ready just yet.

“Every single time I think I got all the 10 songs I’m like, I’m buggin. These ain’t it. It’s just like, damn I’m competing with myself. I’m competing with the [damn] No. 2 record [on the Billboard Hot 100] and stuff,” she explained during an interview on New York City radio station Power 105.1.

Cardi previously used her Instagram story to swing back at naysayers who have been giving her a tough time over the later-than-planned album release.

“I don’t understand why people who don’t like me keep telling me to drop my album,” she said. “You don’t like me, so why are you thirsty for my album?” 

This all came up after folks noticed that Nicki hasn’t been posting on social media all that much. Several days later, insiders dished that the artist decided to get rid of all of her distractions, while focusing on creating new music for her upcoming album. 

Although an official release date hasn’t been announced, many believe that Nicki's fourth LP will be released later this year.

Both Nicki and Cardi have addressed reports of a strained dynamic before. (And, yeah, where there is smoke there is fire, so…)

Cardi once talked it over with Capital XTRA, touching on the fact that it was theorized that she had been added to "Motorsport" without Nicki's knowledge. 

"Well, when I heard the track, her verse wasn't finished," Cardi had explained. "Or it's not the verse that's [on there] right now. And Quavo told me that to get on the song, and I just felt like it's a perfect opportunity for me to be on a track that's big like them. Cause those are two big people, and I just started in the game. And I just know if I get on this record, it's gonna be crazy. Like, who doesn't want it?"

#PressPlay: #CardiB addresses how she became a part of #Motorsport featuring #NickiMinaj and #Migos. She says that when she first heard the track, Nicki's verse was different than the version we hear today. Via: @capitalxtra

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