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Cardi B & Sister Hennessy Carolina Get Into It With Some Gossip Bloggers And Things Get Messy Real Quick — Receipts Inside

Even as the top female in rap these days, Cardi B has never been one (and will never be one) to just let things slide to the way side. 

The “Invasion of Privacy” rapper, who is heavily pregnant with her first child with Migos rapper Offset, has found herself being viciously attacked on social media recently.

And if we know anything, we’re aware that Cardi B and her little sister Hennessy Carolina are sisters that will defend each other no matter what.

As Cardi had enough of the latest round of shade being thrown at her, she decided to clap back and things escalated really quickly as Hennessy jumped in as well. 

A blogger with SheGossipz had weighed in with her opinion on Cardi, which was pretty rude.

The blogger's lengthy caption read, "Honestly, everything I've said about you is fact: You are baby mama number 3/4, you don't write your [lyrics], you [man] will continue to cheat on you and publicly disrespect you because you let him, your sister is annoying, she's your shadow, you can't write a proper sentence, you don't know what a comma is or where to put it, you lied on Nicki because you couldn't comprehend the difference between a QB and a coach, you signed a 360 [dea]]- "according to your lawyer, Atlanta bought half ya album sales, that sore on the corner of your lip. Ya bestie...gggiiiirrrllll. I'll let my followers finish you off...get off social media before you go into early labor lil girl..."


See the post below:

Cardi took to Instagram to blast the blogger, pointing out that other gossip blog writers get paid to write about celebrities. Cardi stated the blogger put down other artists and stalks them for free.

The "Bartier Cartier" rapper adds, "You talk about people bodies constantly shaming how people look but you look like this. I'm a millionaire honey, either way you flip it or what you say. All my dreams came true before I turned 25."

Cardi B at SiriusXM Radio Today

Cardi adds that her imperfect spelling doesn't appear to matter when she writes checks and goes to the bank."

The pregnant rapper also hit back at the blogger's comments about Hennessy being her "shadow."

Cardi wrote in response, "My sister is not my shadow. We act alike but we are different with different goals and different passions."

She also hit back at the cruel comments on her relationship with Offset. Cardi wrote, "You want to talk about my relationship but you in your mid 30s. Where is your man, marriage, or ring?"
Cardi B and Offset at Versace’s 2018 Met Gala Afterparty

The rapper goes on to blast the blogger for putting people down to make herself feel better. She ended her rant on a positive note, telling the woman to "be positive today. Say something nice!!"

Okay goodnight 🌛

Cardi's sister Hennessy also found herself beefing with a blogger. She got into a war of words with Instagram Blog ShadeKinge

They had written about Cardi's messy feud with SheGossipz and Hennessy obviously felt they were sharing a fake story.

Hennessy wrote, "@shadekinge well hunny we love our fans and have millions of fans. We don't need your negative [expletive] posting false stories...and our fans don't post negative corny [expletive]. They actually show love and support. Anyways, I got better [expletive] to do...toodles."

Shadekinge stood behind the post and suggested that Hennessy not "bite the hands that feeds you."  He was pointing out that gossip blogs actually help some stars gain fame by being featured on gossip sites. 

Hennessy scoffed at that comments, saying they had millions of followers long before blogs began writing about them.

Cardi later shared an audio clip explaining why she decided to post lingerie images of SheGossipz

Cardi says she felt bullied by her and she apparently "had the smoke" to go back at her.

Cardi has since deleted all evidence of her back and forth with the blogger from her Instagram account, but posted the following:


Some fans think Cardi is making a huge mistake by going after her critics. 

Love ❤️

One follower weighed in on the drama, writing, "I don't care if you get provoked. You are supposed to be the bigger person and set an example. What do you get from retaliation, honestly? You're just being petty and showing that you care by doing stuff like this... also posting pictures of her mocking her appearance and basically making your whole fanbase hate on a person, knowing that u have a much bigger influence than her? That just shows a mean, horrible side of you. Shame on you Cardi..."

Do you agree that Cardi B is too big to be engaging in this manner with a blogger?

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