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The Alleged Pregnant Mistress Of Vincent Herbert That Tamar Braxton Ranted About On IG Has Been Identified

Tamar Braxton called out the woman that had been creeping with her husband, Vince Herbert, on social media on Dec. 29. 

The singer claimed Vince is expecting a baby with his mistress, who is rumored to be a friend of former "Basketball Wives: LA" star Laura Govan.

Braxton shared the news on Instagram, writing, "Vincent Herbert is having a baby, and his [expletive] decided to let me know about it tonight, that stupid broke [expletive] should check public records on Christmas before she goes through with it. He called back despite his protection order begging and lying like he’s hanging out with joe and Roxy from BET."

The singer continued, "Oh yeah, that’s credible no shade however before you judge me know the facts he’s a real piece of work. Jappy New Year ladies and gentlemen know that 2018 is a fresh start and if I can leave this liar, you can leave yours too."

Most of Tamar's followers believed the 'other woman' to be Govan, especially after her baby daddy Gilbert Arenas jumped in to bash her. However, it appears the woman that is pregnant with Vincent's baby is a woman named Camilla.

Rumors are circulating that Laura is totally innocent in the situation, with reports claiming both Camilla and Laura were hooking up with Vince during his marriage to Tamar.
The woman named Camilla, whose last name has not been revealed, has reportedly told her friends and family she is having Vincent's child.

Govan's former NBA star fiance claimed on social media that he has bank statements showing Vincent was sending Laura money. However, new reports suggest that money may be going to Laura's friend Camilla.

We hate to see families in distress but our thoughts are with #TamarBraxton. Her divorce is pending with #VincentHerbert as more details are revealed about his misdemeanor arrest and news that he is expecting his second child.

Laura responded to Tamar's accusations, denying being romantically involved with Vincent. She also responded to her baby daddy's comments, stating he needs to focus on paying his child support.

"Vincent is not my type…at all," Laura stated. "I have nothing but respect for Tamar and Vince, but none of this is true. Apparently Tamar had been a little inebriated while she was talking reckless on Instagram. I would never, ever disrespect her in that way, but, understandably, she’s hurt."
Is #LauraGovan giving us a glimpse of her mystery man?

Laura continued, "Gil is just trolling, because he’s upset that I’ve moved on."

The reality star adds,  "Instead of spreading lies about me, Gil should be focusing on paying his child support. I’ve done a good job of ignoring all of the lies and hurtful things he’s done towards me for the past two years. I’m good on the [expletive]!"

Tamar Braxton has gone off socialmedia two days after blasting her estranged husband for allegedly impregnating his side chick. In a turn of events,she vowed not to discuss on the subject publicly, for the sake of her son.However,she has shocked fans by totally deleting her Instagram page. Many are also worried about her mental state. #rumorbus #tamarbraxton #sidechickdrama

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