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Cam Newton Finally Debuts His Baby Girl’s Face In Cute Family Christmas Photo

Cute baby photos are the best, right?

Earlier this year, Cam Newton welcomed a beautiful baby girl. 

And now we get to see her…in his family’s super cute Christmas card, of all things.

The outfits alone are worth a round of applause. Such cheer and on-the-nose jolliness. It just makes you want to brave the elements and enjoy a piping cup of hot cocoa or something. You know, to get into the spirit or what-have-you.

Sovereign-Dior is perched on the Carolina Panthers quarterback’s left knee, while his one-year-old son Chosen sits on his right. Their mother, and Cam’s long-time partner, Kia Proctor dazzles in a glittering golden gown. On the other side is Kia’s daughter from a previous relationship, who looks adorable in a textured red dress. What a lovely family!
🎄✨ ‘Tis the Season ✨🎄 Kids clothes: @childrensalon Dress: @vjollca_llapashtica Hair,MUA, styling: @shadeoloniyo Photog: @dricks3
Honestly, this looks like a photo from a holiday catalog or something, it’s so perfect. And we are actually saying that without rolling our eyes. It’s a holiday miracle.

The backdrop is something to swoon over too! Christmas trees adorned with flaxen lights! A white and gold fireplace! Wait…do you think everyone’s clothing choices were made to match this? Probably. But we don’t even care! 

Oh and Cam is wearing golden pants and a red sweater over a white button-down shirt. A bit corny, but it looks great, so whatever. 

“Tis the season”, Kia captioned the super festive snap, before sharing styling details for her look and giving a shout-out to the kids boutique where the kids’ outfits were scooped up. 
This isn’t the first photo the football family has shared of the little girl, by the way!
•üñ€ØNDįT1ØNÅŁ•<« ✨K1NGčhô✨ #iWmW -1OVE #šhįñëTHRŪthëŠHÅDË
Oh and Kia posted a sweet snap of the family for Father’s Day, heaping praise on her beau while also giving us a glimpse at their then-newborn baby girl. She even wrote, “I've been blessed with the man of my dreams, who loves me dearly & has been by my side from the beginning”.

Happy Father's Day to this amazing man right here 🤗I've been blessed with the man of my dreams, who loves me dearly & has been by my side from the beginning. 
Our icy heart is melting! Melttttting.

Also, can we just say that we really appreciate this couple’s dedication to holidays? The duo also dressed up for Halloween, splashing the results on social media. They went as superheroes from The Incredibles. How cute.

🎃2017 Halloween fun 🎃😂🤣
More please, Cam and Kia!

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