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Brandy Goes Off On Fans Questioning Her (Messy) Involvement In Ray J & Princess Love's Marriage

So did Ray J marry Princess Love or did he marry his r&b iconic sister and his mother? 

This season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood continues to show the trouble in paradise between the Norwood family ever since Princess Love & Ray J eloped. 

And Ray J’s Mom (Sonja Norwood) and sister Brandy have made it clear time and time again that they WILL insert themselves in their marital drama at a moment’s notice. 

While the family drama plays out on television on Monday nights, the “Boy Is Mine” singer took to social media with shade for fans telling her to cease her involvement in her little brother’s marital problems. 

Fans came for the songtress after Brandy shared a selfie with the caption, "#BraveLyric's-- put some respeck on my name I'm where it started."

One commenter wrote, "Stay out ya brother business. He married her, let him deal with her." Brandy unleashed her first clapback writing, "you don't know me enough to give me a demand. I don't you so I can't even take you serious."

Another fan added, "Your brother didn't marry you or your mother he married precious so let him handle his own Affairs you guys is [expletive] up his relationship if I was precious I'd leave all you mother[expletive]."

Seeing the fan’s obvious misspelling of Princess Love’s name (the fan called her Precious), Brandy clapped back with, “her name is Princess. And because you don't know her or her name, your opinion doesn't matter because it's just an opinion - not a fact."

Drama for the Norwoods got stirred up after Brandy and her Mother Sonja publicly demanded that Princess Love publicly apologize for shading Ray J after an alleged video of him cheating. 

Princess took to social media to rant, also dishing out a series of cryptic tweets and Instagram posts as she dragged Ray J for days.

Sonja & Brandy were ticked off by the move because they believed Ray J wasn’t cheating on her.

The “One Wish” singer was shown in his hotel bathroom as he walks around in a towel. However, eagle-eyed fans couldn't help but notice that the clip briefly showed a woman wearing a red robe in the left hand corner.

If you missed it, watch it below:
Oppppp!!! Is this what Princess is referring to?!? Who dat?!?? Via @_teaspillers #redrobemystery #cheaters #rayj #princesslove #messy

On the first episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, Momma Norwood told Ray J that he needed to “check his wife” for accusing him for cheating. 

Ray J’s mom confronts him about Princess 😩 #LHHH #LoveAndHipHop #LoveAndHipHopHollywood #RealityTV

This past episode,  Ray J told Sonja and Brandy that Princess Love was going to make a public apology for dragging him, When Princess Love laughed, indicating that she had no intention of doing so, that’s when things took a turn for the left.

Watch the heated interaction between the Norwoods, below:
Princess clash with Ray J’s family! #LHHH #LHH

Watch the drama continue to unfold between the Norwoods every Monday via Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood at 8 p.m. EST on VH1.

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