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Bow Wow Spills The Tea On Past With Masika Kalysha Amid Issues With Girlfriend Kiyomi Leslie

On the current season of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta, Bow Wow and Kiyomi Leslie’s relationship is being tested, putting it mildly. 

And Masika Kalysha hasn’t been biting her tongue about this topic, at all. When she arrived in Atlanta, she made it clear that she doesn’t think the romance can (or will) last, because Kiyomi is “too jealous”.

Of course, this declaration arguably led to Kiyomi and Masika feuding online. Oh and now Bow Wow is throwing in some nonsense too. Eek.

(One of the main reasons Masika wanted to leave LHHH is because she felt like the show's plotpoints were getting out of hand. Case in point; she was famously furious that producers had cast her nemesis, Alexis Skyy.)

She was able to get of her Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood contract only to jump into fresh beef with Bow Wow’s girlfriend Kiyomi Leslie on GUHHATL.

Masika told Bow Wow that their relationship won’t stand the time of time because Kiyomi is way too jealous.

If that isn’t messy enough, Kiyomi feels that Bow Wow is trying to stir up even more issues with his questionable actions. Plus, rumors are swirling that the once-couple have called it quits, anyway.

Yup. In the meantime, Bow Wow seems to have been staying busy by kicking it with Masika.

When a fan said Masika appears to want to take things to the next level, Bow Wow made an messy move, claiming that, uh, this has already happened.

Um, classy.

See his online confirmation, below:

If you missed it, Masika and Kiyomi recently swapped online insults, since Shad opted to send a few flirty tweets along to Masika.

Well, a viewer decided to blast Masika for bringing up Kiyomi, when they supposedly hadn’t even filmed a scene together.
“When u mindin yo business & u never heard of a [expletive] but she so insecure & jealous of u that she talks about u 25/8 bts & tells @smoss goofy [expletive] he can’t film with u & she too scared to film w u too, but ur in Atlanta the whole summer & production asks u to talk about it #fixedit,” Masika snapped in reply.

Kiyomi then fired back, writing, “You better keep it cute for Shad Moss tell you the REAL REASON he entertains you. You go on a whole show talkin bout me nobody “insecure” you have nothing I want or need in life.”

“Lmao it’s crazy that the [expletive] who was pillow talking w/ me about the next [expletive]… is now pillow talking bout the next [expletive] about me...,” she then added.

Should Bow have held his tongue? And/or do you believe him? #BowWowChallengeForever

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