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Bow Wow Has A Epic Twitter Meltdown After Getting Accused Of Cheating On Gorgeous, Melanated Bae

Let’s call it the #ReverseBowWowChallenge (It’ll make sense at the end). 

Legendary Rapper (Not our words) / Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta star Bow Wow (Shad Moss) is treading on social media… for all the wrong reasons once again.

As we all know by now, the So So Def rapper is no stranger to getting called out on social media. 

He was once accused of being a deadbeat father on social media by his baby mama Joie Chavis. 

Both have since made up and based on social media, he’s definitely very visible in his daughter, Shai Moss’s life. 

(Joie Chavis, by the way, is currently pregnant by Future. So if you’re keeping score, this is the second ex of Bow Wow that Future got pregnant. Hi Ciara!) 

Anyway, former fiancée (and current Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star) Erica Mena  dragged him on social media after their breakup. 

Who can forget the epic #BowWowChallenge after social media called him out for bragging about an extravagant lifestyle that he apparently doesn’t have. (He once posted a stock photo of a private jet on Instagram while he was photographed in coach on a commercial plane by someone sitting counter to him). 

Well, Shad Moss is trending again after blowing his cool on social media as followers came for him and his buxom girlfriend, Kiyomi Leslie, after he shared photos of them partying at Revel Lounge in Atlanta recently. 

Shad was good until calm until one fan tweeted Kiyomi to say Shad flirted with half the club behind Kiyomi’s back.

Then another Twitter follower noted: “Once a cheater, always a cheater.”

Bow Wow then went all the way off!

Unfortunately, that was just the beginning of his Twitter tirade as Bow Wow went on to not only blame the girl for being a lurker... 

...he also took his anger out on the “blogs”.

Then Shad questioned whether he would be happier if he sold everything, pushed a Ford Probe and got a 9-to-5 working for GameStop. 

Then He stated he was giving away all of his cash via cash app, which prompted one fan to give him his account info. 

The lucky fan received $500 cash from Bow Wow for his quick thinking.

Sending my fans money today! I dont want it. This money is evil. Maybe yall can do some good with it... enjoy! Ive already started cash apping. You dont have to like me or love me just know im paying you guys back for all the bs ive put you through. I owe yall 💔

Jermaine Dupri reached out and calmed Shad down as he reminded him how many Lane Bryant shoppers bought tickets to the upcoming So So Def reunion tour. In a since-deleted tweet, Bow Wow said he might just pass on the So So Def tour because he gets too emotional.

Whatever he's going through, we're hoping he can pull through. We're praying for you, Shad!

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