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Bobby Lytes Savagely Drags ‘LHH:Miami’ Co-Star Amara La Negra On IG And We All Want to Know Why — Receipts Inside

Two Love & Hip Hop Miami cast members are beefing on a big scale…and season two isn’t even here yet. Guess they are trying to make us plan to tune in.

That will work on us. Just so you know. We are already sitting here wondering what went on, so…

Amara La Negra was the breakout star for the show’s debut season. Sure, She rubbed a portion of viewers the wrong way with her unashamed blackness but for the most part, her cast mates and everyone watching at home loved her.

Months later, that narrative seems to be changing…

Bobby Lytes posted a (since deleted) photo on Instagram that ripped into Amara La Negra for being fake, and dragged Jojo Zarur right on into the drama, even tagging her in the caption.


The snap, which is a screenshot of Amara’s blank Instagram page, suggests that the artist blocked Bobby from seeing her content. Hahaha. That is so cold.

“Let me guess…. ya fake [expletive] found out that I heard you was talking [expletive] about me? Why??? When all I’ve ever done was support you and your tired [expletive] music, even when people around me use to doubt and talk [expletive] and ask me were you a gimmick I defended you to the max!!,” Bobby ranted.

He also wrote, “Then to come and find out you told @jojozarur what u said about me was disappointing Amara, honey you ain’t fooling nobody miss thing!!! Soon the truth will come to light!!! 💡”

Bobby then shared an image of himself, penning; “I think to me, reality is better than being fake…”

I think to me, reality is better than being fake...

Is Jojo taking sides though? She did post an interesting video…

Who’s ready for us on Love and Hip Hop Miami Season 2? @amaralanegraaln 😍

Plus both Jojo and Amara responded on their Instagram stories. Jojo had this to say:

While Amara went for a quote saying, essentially, that she’s too grown for this drama.

This isn’t the first time this summer that a fellow reality star has put Amara on blast.

LHHNY star Brittney Taylor once accused Amara of trying to break up her happy home.

She said she caught Amara supposedly sliding in her boyfriend’s DM’s. This angered Brittney to the point where she called Amara out on Instagram, dubbing her a “Thot”. She later deleted her post though.

In an IG Video, Amara denied Brittney’s claims, telling her that she only reached out to her boyfriend Dexter for business. But she did admit that she stayed at Dexter’s residence with her mom and assistants for one night. 

Alright, alright. So, do you have any theories as to what might have happened between Bobby and Amara? Because, honestly, we are kind of stumped.

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