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Report: Beyoncé Would Not Have Stayed With Jay-Z If It Wasn't For Blue Ivy

Beyoncé almost left Jay-Z for cheating on her. But she didn’t. 

JAY-Z recently admitted he had been fooling around behind Bey’s back n Beyonce, following her Lemonade album and his hints on the 4:44 album. 

New reports are saying that she struggled to forgive him for this though.

People says she had trust issues after discovering his unfaithful ways, noting that the power couple had hard a tricky time putting on a united front at the time.

An insider shared some thoughts. 

“It was very rough for them to stay married.”

What made them push through? Their 5-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy.

“If it’s wasn’t for Blue Ivy, they might not be together. It took them years to get to the point where they are now.”

He finally broke his silence about the long-standing (and often-referenced) mutterings during an exclusive interview with The New York Times Style Magazine.

JAY-Z shared that his impoverished upbringing left him emotionally scarred. He feels this caused him to shut down emotionally, which negatively impacted his union with Bey. 

Despite this confession, JAY-Z didn’t go into super specific details and never actually named the woman he cheated with. 

However, Beyoncé once called her “Becky with the good hair” in 2016 hit “Sorry.”  And almost everyone thought this was a dig at fashion designer Rachel Roy, who used to work with JAY-Z.

Hollywood Life insists that JAY-Z is not worried about “mistresses crawling out of the woodwork”.

Yeah, we bet he isn’t.  

Because everything was put into the open or whatever, we guess.

They also say that the pair choose to use the arrival of Sir and Rumi as a “fresh start”.

“Jay and Beyoncé’s relationship is stronger now than it’s ever been, they’re rock solid.”
The way we see it, Bey sticking by her husband worked out for both of them. They were able to squeeze out the drama for the sake of respective musical projects. It helped their brand too, arguably.

We will say that we can’t help but raise our brows when duos go on and on about how great things are, but who are we to judge, really?

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