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Monica Responds To Brandy Shading Her (Once Again) At The 2018 Essence Festival This Past Weekend

Was Brandy being petty? Who am I Kidding... of course she was! 

Brandy Norwood and Monica Brown have had this kind of one-sided beef for a few years now. 

Each time Brandy has made some type of come for her, Monica always manages to be the bigger person and find a way to let it slide. This not only speaks volumes to her character, but shows she’s really not down for childish, petty exchanges of words.

Brandy has thrown a lot of shade publicly and her beef with Monica is well-known. 

She decided to kick it up a notch while performing at Essence Fest over the weekend. She performed “The Boy is Mine” which she’s known for singing with Monica. 

At the end of her performance, rather than singing “the boy is mine” she made a point to change the lyrics to “the song is mine.” 

Then to close the song, she said: “The song is mine. I gotta claim what’s mine. If I don’t got the boy, I’ve got the song. You know what I’m saying?”

Watch the shady clip, below: 

#PressPlay: Okay! #Brandy hit the stage at #EssenceFest and she made sure to let the crowd know “The Boy Is Mine,” is her song 👀 via. @inquisitivecarter

In her recent IG post, Monica addresses the latest jab Brandy has thrown her way in a very tactful and classy manner that only leaves us wondering, what could Brandy possibly have to say to that?

Monica captioned a photo of herself looking regal in a baroque style silk pajama set, trendy cat eye sunglasses, and comfy looking Fendi slides with, “I conduct myself in the manner I would like to be remembered!! The work I do within myself leaves no room to focus on anyone else… Always bettering me for my husband & babies.”

If I’m correct, what Monica is saying is “Focus on your own stuff and stop looking out for me, cuz ain’t nobody checking for you sis.” 

See her subtle response, below: 

I conduct myself in the manner I would like to be remembered !! The work I have to do within myself leaves no room to focus on anyone else.... Always bettering me for my husband & babies 🖤

Commenters flocked to support her in the post saying, “And, that’s all she wrote.”

Another fan commented, “Such grace & class!! Always a lady. Been down since early 90s.” 

And my whole crew is lounging “BIG” lines in @fashionnova 🖤days of rest & reflection are just as important as the days you work!! Nothing runs well on empty, most things don’t run at all... M.B.🖤

Others still praised her for her poise and elegance, calling her a class act and down to earth. 

The new me really still the real me🤪 Scorpio 4 Real.. @fashionnova Extra comfy.... Mrs.Brown ... Mo... some days DD ... LOL Photo: @cyndiibee_ My Fav Shades: @poppylissiman Hair: @kellonderyck 🖤

As mentioned, Monica and Brandy have been feuding off and on since the 90’s. Back in November 2016, Brandy took the stage at the Soul Train Awards and during a performance of the song, “Talk About Our Love”, she changed some words of the song and took jabs at Monica, singing, “I know somebody’s lying. It’s always something. Talking ish again then your whole fan base jumps in. Now the whole ‘Gram’s buzzing.”

Monica responded to Brandy’s performance and told a fan on Instagram that “ Love that goes BOTH ways.. it’s disappointing to leave ICU and come to my page to see the foolishness of the 90s ever so present amongst BOTH groups. I will forever respect the legend she is & the history we created.”

I commend Monica for continually taking the high road in her drama with Brandy. We may never find out what the real issue is between these two talented women, we can only hope they resolve it and return to doing what they do best: making great music.

With that said… I’m sure we’ll be hearing from Brandy really soon and it will be shady. 

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